In the Mummy film, Tom Cruise plays Nick Morton


In this 107 minute film, Tom Cruise plays Nick Morton. Former Navy SEALs special forces officer. Who also became a treasure hunter. An ancient Egyptian princess. Who, two thousand years ago, was betrayed by his people, then buried alive.

Nick and Jenny then take the sarcophagus containing Ahmanet’s mummy to London, England. However, unfortunately, in the middle of the trip, the plane they were traveling in had an accident. Ahmanet, who was horrified by the, then got up from his long sleep. He intends to avenge the betrayal of his people two thousand years ago. Which, automatically, will also threaten the safety of mankind.

In dealing with the MILF (Mummy I’d Like to.. Ah, never mind), Nick gets help from Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe). The leader of the secret organization Prodigium knows very well how to tame monstrous creatures. Starting from monsters, mummies, vampires, to imitation wolves.

Btw, in the behind-the-scenes video of this film which was released some time ago, there is a scene of an accident on the plane, which was acted by Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis, which was shot using NASA’s zero gravity technique (United States Space Agency). As a result, they literally floated in the air.

Interestingly, Annabelle Wallis, who couldn’t control herself while flying, got stuck in one part of the plane. However, fortunately, Tom Cruise immediately slid and came to the actress. While saying, “Don’t worry, I’m holding you.” Coolly, like scenes in the films he starred in, Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband then released his bond.

According to director Alex Kurtzman, after the scene on the plane, Tom Cruise also had time to perform other rescue actions. While shooting, Annabelle Wallis fell and sprained herself. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, Tom Cruise came and carried him. In fact, at that time, the star of Top Gun (1986) was not on a shooting schedule.

Which is also cool, as in previous films, in this USD 125 million film, Tom Cruise does all the dangerous scenes himself. Starting from fighting scenes, jumping between the ruins of buildings, rolling and bouncing in a speeding car, to bobbing on a plane. As a result, his tense actions received praise from his co-stars as well as from the crew of The Mummy.

So far, Tom Cruise has never used the help of a stuntman, aka a stuntman. Like Jackie Chan, Katie Holmes’ ex-husband has long been doing his own dangerous scenes in his films. Starting from Minority Report (2002), the Jack Reacher franchise (2012-2016), to the Mission: Impossible series (1996-2015).

Meanwhile, for Sofia Boutella, playing with Tom Cruise in this film is an honor in itself. Moreover, she was recorded as the first actress to play a mummy in the history of The Mummy franchise. Prior to this, the role of the mummy was always a boy.

However, when interviewed, the girl from Algeria admitted that she was scared while filming The Mummy. Especially, when Ahmanet was mummified and then buried alive. According to Sofia Boutella, when she became a mummy, she wore a suit that made her body immobile. His body was bandaged up to his head. Until he couldn’t speak. Anyway, he really felt helpless.