In the latest Uncharted trailer by Sony Pictures


Tom Holland moves on from Spider-Man: No Way Home to Uncharted. The film produced by Sony Pictures is no less tense and full of exciting actions as shown in the final trailer released Friday (28/1/2022).

Uncharted is scheduled to premiere on February 18, 2022 in US theaters. The UK got the broadcast a week earlier on February 11, 2022. Judging from the Sony Pictures United states social media account, the broadcast date in United states has not been leaked yet.

In the latest Uncharted trailer, the audience is not only presented with the action-packed adventure of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. The film, which is based on the video game franchise, also presents a lot of comedy that takes place between Nathan and Sully, played by Mark Wahlberg .

The two are on a mission to find a treasure that was lost five thousand years ago. In the trailer it is said that the value of this treasure reaches US $ 5 billion. Nathan on the other hand did not make the money his biggest motivation in this adventure.

Nathan has a mission of his own. It is also known that Sully has information about Nathan’s long-lost older brother.

The Uncharted trailer also features stunning visual effects from an exciting adventure. For those who have played the game, maybe they can catch a series of similar scenes and try to emulate them in the live action version.

Uncharted is a project that has stalled for a long time before Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg entered the main cast list. The film will also feature Antonio Banderas as Moncada, Sophia Ali as Chloe Frazer, and Tati Gabrielle as Braddock.

Tom Holland was filming Uncharted in between the shooting of several other projects such as Spider-Man and Cherry. In an interview, he admitted that he was clumsy when he re-entered the character of Peter Parker because he acted in three different films in the near future.

“When I returned to filming Spider-Man, I did a scene where I walked by taking a really cool shot. But suddenly, the producer pulled me and said my acting was not like usual,” said Tom Holland.

Nathan Drake’s style was carried over to the set of Spider-Man. So he was forced to repeat several scenes to restore his acting style as Peter Parker.