In The Kid Who Will Be King, it is told, Merlin lives against time


According to legend, in fact, Morgana was King Arthur’s half-sister. However, due to evil, the wizard whose real name is Morgan le Fay is, in the end, buried at the bottom of the Earth by King Arthur’s trusted wizard: Merlin.

It is said, in addition to her original form, which is a beautiful woman, Morgana can also change shape into a large winged demon and a giant dragon-like creature. Which is very scary. On top of that, he also had an army of Undead Knights. aka Zombie Knight. With armor and lava flowing in their bodies.

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Morgana’s awakening with her extraordinary powers, clearly threatens the safety of the world. Especially, England. Together with three friends who are still abil, Alex was forced to face it. However, even so, fortunately, the snotty boys are not alone. They get help from the kind wizard: Merlin. Which, it is said, appears more modern and contemporary.

So far, Merlin is known as an old wizard with white hair and beard. In The Kid Who Would Be King, it is told, Merlin lives against time. The older he is, the younger he is physically. A kind of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008). However, even so, once in a while, Merlin also appears in his old form. Especially, when he faced Morgana.

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In d Who Would Be King, the younger version of Merlin is played by Angus Imrie, while the older version is played by Sir Patrick Stewart. For Sir Patrick, this is not the first time he has been involved in a King Arthur-themed film. Previously, the star of the X-Men franchise (2000) had played the father of Queen Guinevere: King Leodegrance. In the old film Excalibur (1981).

In The Kid Who Would Be King, it is told, in order to help Alex and his friends, Merlin must disguise himself as a student at their school. He then trained the children to become knights. And at the same time teach some magic spells to fight Morgana.

Btw, the names of Alex’s three friends in The Kid Who Would Be King were inspired by the Knights of the Round Table. Namely: Lance (Tom Taylor) from Sir Lancelot, Kaye (Rhianna Doris) from Sir Kay, and Bedders (Dean Chaumoo) from Sir Bedivere.

Another interesting thing, in The Kid Who Would Be King, the scene filmed at the school, where Alex and friends studied, took place at Elliot Secondary School. In London. Which is the alma mater of the James Bond cast: Pierce Brosnan.

Meanwhile, for Rebecca Ferguson, playing Morgana, it turns out, is not an easy thing. Every morning, he had to arrive early to the set. Just to wear a prosthetic costume and make up for four hours. However, even so, the star of the film franchise Mission: Impossible (1996) is not complaining. He even praised the designers who had designed the costumes. One of them was made from the roots and stems of plants that were dirty and wet, but beautiful at the same time. Like a piece of haute couture couture art.