In the Aquaman movie trailer which was released some time ago, there is a scene of Queen Atlanna holding a baby


In the Aquaman trailer which was released some time ago, there is a scene of Queen Atlanna holding a baby. While facing a man. The baby was little Arthur. His name was inspired by a hurricane that occurred when he was born.

Jason Momoa, the main character, admits that he is required to explore many sides of Aquaman. In addition, he also feels that he has something in common with the character he plays. Namely, both crossbreeds. Arthur Curry is described as half human and half Atlantean. However, even so, he was not accepted in both places. Jason Momoa, who was born in Hawaii and raised in Iowa, can understand that. Because he’s been through it too.

The figure of Aquaman is indeed shown to be more human in the DCEU franchise. Jason Momoa, initially, was eyeing the role of Batman while undergoing casting. However, in the end, he changed his mind. To be precise, after Justice League director, Zack Snyder, described the details of Aquaman’s character. That fragile. Momoa considered it a good opportunity to show off his acting skills. Because, so far, the actor Khal Drogo in the super popular series Game of Thrones (2011) is better known for his burly body.

As a result, during the shooting of Aquaman, Jason Momoa, the supermacho, became a drama queen. Because he often cries to live up to his role. In fact, besides that, he also had time to ask for advice from Michael Fassbender. Who has experience as Magneto in the Marvel X-Men film franchise (2000) produced by 20th Century Fox.

However, what’s interesting, even though he has to act confused, Jason Momoa still can’t leave his nosy habit. A frequent victim on the set of Aquaman is Amber Heard. Momoa often rips the book that Johnny Depp’s ex-wife is reading. As a result, to overcome Momoa’s annoyance, Amber was forced to cover her book with green screen material. Then read it in the green sailing area.

In the Aquaman extended video released last October, it looks like Aquaman is with his supersexy girlfriend. Played by Amber Heard. Namely: Queen Mera. Who is the daughter of King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren). In this 143 minute film, Mera is described as a queen and a formidable fighter at the same time. He has hydrokinetic and telepathic powers that can control the aquatic environment around him.

With the scary female superhero character, Amber Heard hopes that Mera will make her own solo film. Like Wonder Woman (2017). In fact, apart from that, he also wants Mera to collaborate with the hero, played by Gal Gadot. According to him, they will make a good duo. aka solid. However, for the time being, Heard had to settle with Aquaman and Mera first.

In this Aquaman film, it is told, Arthur Curry and Mera follow the traces of Atlantis. As far as the Sahara Desert in Africa. Their goal: To find the weapon that once belonged to King Atlan. Trident of Neptune. aka Neptune’s Trident. It is said that the Trident of Neptune has the power to unite land and sea.