In Bumblebee the Decepticons descend to Earth to hunt down the Autobots who are their enemies


All of which are in the form of robots. And can turn into cars, helicopters, and fighter planes. It is said, the Decepticons descended to Earth to hunt down members of the Autobots who became their enemy: Bumblebee. The evil robots who came from outer space then instigated an agent of Sector 7. aka a secret agency belonging to the American government that specializes in dealing with alien beings. The name is Jack Burns (John Cena). To catch Bumblebee.

The character of Jack Burns, you could say, is the main antagonist in this Bumblebee film. However, even so, according to director Travis Knight, in fact, Agent Burns is not a pure villain. The character is more inclined towards the gray area. aka gray. He is only tasked with stopping the alien robot war between the Decepticons and the Autobots. Which, it is said, happened in the San Francisco Bay area.

In addition to the Decepticons, this Bumblebee film also features the Autobots. In the trailer, they see their legendary leader: Optimus Prime. The voice is still filled by Peter Cullen. The veteran actor has become Optimus in the Transformers cartoon series. The first aired in 1984.

However, the appearance of Optimus Prime in this Bumblebee spin-off film is limited. Not as much as in the previous five Transformers films. This time, he only appears in scenes set in Planet Cybertron. After that, he only appeared in the form of a hologram. It is said, Prime gave Bumblebee a mission to stop the robot war. And protect the Earth and its people.

Btw, when compared to the five previous Transformers films, this Bumblebee spin-off film project is indeed different. You could say, this film is a soft reboot. Alias ​​repeats again from the beginning, but the story is still related. Perhaps, it has something to do with Paramount Pictures’ big plans. Who wants to create a Hasbro Universe. Which will combine Transformers with GI Joe, MASK, etc.

Another notable difference: For the first time, Michael Bay is no longer directing a Transformers project. In this Bumblebee film, he is only a producer. For this first Transformers spin-off film project, Travis Knight is believed to be the director. Which, previously, successfully spawned the stop-motion animated film Kubo and the Two Strings (2016).

When interviewed at CinemaCon, Las Vegas in April 2018, Travis Knight admitted that he wanted to bring back the things that used to make the Transformers franchise influential. These include: Characters, emotions, and explosions. In fact, he promised this Bumblebee film would be decorated with many explosions.

However, even so, Travis Knight added, the story aspect of the Bumblebee film which became his first blockbuster film is not only the war between the Autobots against the Decepticons, but also about the friendly relationship between Bumblebee and Charlie. Namely, about how they end up complementing each other.

Meanwhile, Hailee Steinfeld claimed to have known the story of the robots in the Transformers franchise long ago. Especially, thanks to her brother. Who once took him to see one of his films. In fact, while filming Bumblebee, Hailee often chatted with her sister. Especially, about engines and cars.