In Addition To The Ant Waist, This BLACKPINK Rose’s Body Part Is Praised For Being Very Beautiful


The Ant Waist Is Not The Only Advantage Of BLACKPINK’s Rose Body. Recently, Rose Posted A Series Of Photos Showing Off Her Perfect Figure.

Everyone knows that Rose BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) is famous for her charming little waist. But the ant waist is not the only advantage of the beautiful idol’s body.

In addition to the ant waist, Rose also has perfect shoulders. Turns out it wasn’t just Jennie who was praised for her beautiful shoulders, but Rose too, and that’s because of her recent photos.

Recently, Rose posted a series of photos showing off her beautiful shoulders. Already slim and tall, beautiful shoulders make the owner of the name Park Chaeyoung even more elegant.

Rose’s strong appeal and flawless white skin are highlighted by the photo, which also emphasizes her perfect shoulders. From one angle, it was clear that Rose had the perfect shoulders. Not only is her waist sexy, Rose also has attractive shoulders.

Rose often wears sexy clothes that show off her sexy bare shoulders. Protruding collarbones and perfect shoulders make it even more attractive. Slender shoulders and small bones add to the feminine and elegant aura of the 1997-born idol.

Meanwhile, the three BLACKPINK members went to Paris for this year’s Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022. Rose caught the attention of fans and viewers around the world during the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show.

In the released official photos, Rose looks sexy in another black mini dress from the brand. Unlike her outfit at the Met Gala, Rose wore an all-black transparent dress. Her appearance was simply amazing.

During the show, Rose sat in the front row during a fashion show by Saint Laurent, proving her global popularity by capturing the highlights of all the flashes during a photo session leading up to the show.

Selain Pinggang Semut, Bagian Tubuh Rose BLACKPINK Ini Dipuji Cantik Banget

BLACKPINK Rose’s Beautiful Face And Good Attitude Get Exorbitant Praise From Olivia Rodrigo

In Particular, One Of The People Rosé Interacts With Is Singer Olivia Rodrigo. The Two Singers Wore Saint Laurent Dresses For The Evening And Sat At The Same Table.

Last month, BLACKPINK’s Rose ( Black Pink) stole the hearts of fans around the world when she and [c=CL] became the first female K-Pop idols to attend the Met Gala. The presence of the “On the Ground” singer left a deep impression on Olivia Rodrigo , who constantly adores her.

In addition to her stunning visuals, Rosé caught the attention of fans for her interactions with other celebrities. From meeting Rihanna , chilling out with Troye Sivan , and being lauded by Hailey Baldwin , she’s truly been the star of the show.

In particular, one of the people Rosé interacts with is singer Olivia Rodrigo. The two singers wore Saint Laurent gowns for the evening and sat at the same table during the event.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Olivia shared what it was like to meet Rosé. Despite not making it to the final issue, the entertainment editor shared the answer on his social media.

Describing Rosé as “the best,” Olivia couldn’t stop talking about meeting the 1997-born singer during the Met Gala. He also said that it was not his first meeting with Rosé.

“We’ve hung out before, and she’s actually the sweetest angel alive. I’m so glad I sat next to her because I was so nervous. When I sat down I was like, ‘Oh my God, I have a friend here.'” Olivia Rodrigo said. .

As well as her relief knowing someone there, Olivia shared her thoughts on Rosé as a person and an artist. It’s no surprise to see that he’s in love with Rosé just as much as BLINKs.

“He really is the best, and I can’t sing enough praises for him. He’s so talented. The nicest person in the world too,” said Olivia Rodrigo. After the event, Olivia even shared her love for Rosé on Instagram, commenting on her photo from the event.

As expected, no one could resist Rosé’s charm. After establishing themselves as true friends, many wondered if a collaboration was even possible. Glad to know Rosé had friends during the event.