Impressive first episode, Moon Knight will this be Marvel’s most attractive series?

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The first episode of Moon Knight showed the potential of the series.

About a not-so-popular Marvel anti-hero nicknamed Moon Knight , Moon Knight will be this character’s introduction into the larger universe on the big screen, while helping Marvel develops a new direction in the future. In this, we follow the character Steven Grant/Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) in his journey to confront the leader of the Ammit cult in Egyptian mythology. The anti-hero himself also received mystical powers from the moon god Khonshu. The problem is that our main character has a severe personality disorder, which makes him unable to distinguish between reality, illusion, even his identity.

Episode 1 just introduced a character, Steven Grant, who works selling souvenirs in a museum in London. Despite having an in-depth knowledge of Egyptian myth and history and wanting to try his hand at being a museum tour guide, Steve was always underrated and rejected. Steve himself also has trouble sleepwalking and constantly loses his memory for a period of the day. One day, he encounters a mysterious cult leader, constantly hears strange voices and sees a monster always surrounding him. In the end, he found himself harboring another personality that was completely opposite to his gentle nature. It is the Moon Knight of the series, an anti-hero possessing mysterious powers and superior combat skills.

First, Moon Knight got off to a very good start. The episode converges all the elements that make it completely separate from the rest of the brother series. Since the era of Daredevil, Marvel fans have had to watch their favorite studios go from o into an all-ages-friendly mold, when it has so much more potential to be like the adventures of Matt Murdock proved it. Moon Knight ‘s turn , this excitement finally returned. Following in Daredevil’s footsteps,The MCU’s newest series showcases a side that’s rarely seen in their movies – superheroes are a bloody and painful undertaking mentally and physically. But it’s too early to tell if the series has the adventurous spirit that its predecessors lacked. One thing is for sure, Moon Knight has a more mature tone and that is a good sign.

Moon Knight is a character very few people know. This is a name only a few die-hard manga fans can mention. The great thing about Moon Knight is that it doesn’t need the audience to know the original. The film’s cinematic language solves that problem. “Show, don’t tell” is cleverly used to lead viewers into a new world with elements that help viewers absorb the concept of Moon Knight .

Of course, it follows that the main character also appears clearly. With two different voices, the two characters Steve and Marc are shown unmistakably thanks to the transformative acting of Oscar Isaac. With just details like Steve having to sleep with his legs cuffed, glued to the door, and trying to keep himself awake for as long as possible, the series reveals pricey details and hints about the hero’s biggest struggle. face in the future. Humanity, not evil, is his greatest enemy. The flow of the film is smooth without interruptions by flashbacks, along with a fast tempo, Moon Knighteasily hold the viewer’s attention and create a good first experience. Every detail from the beginning of the episode is reduced to a link at the end of the episode with the appearance of the main character making an effective hook to convince viewers to return to the series next week.

Overall, this series had a promising start and left the audience excited and curious. If I had to criticize one aspect of the movie, I’d have to mention the spread at the beginning and Steve’s personality that will make many people feel uncomfortable. It must be said that despite being a superhero series, the explosion has not yet come with the first episode of Moon Knight . The excitement is quite fleeting at the end of the movie, obviously the series is just getting started and the focus is on building the foundation, so it feels a bit sluggish at times. But these minus points can still be ignored.

In return, the horror is a welcome element. It proves that Moon Knight is using the mysterious, horror and magical roots of the original comic book. But we all know Marvel is a studio with a penchant for “reinventing” the origin stories of their characters, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Moon Knight in here is a little different from the comics, just hope they don’t leave out the cool details.