Impressing Viewers, Here’s How Lee Won Geun Prepared Vietnamese Dialogue In ‘One The Woman’


During A Recent Interview, Lee Won Geun Revealed His Preparation For Speaking The Vietnamese Dialogue In ‘One The Woman’. Listen To His Speech Below.

Recently handsome actor Lee Won Geun underwent a photo shoot “月光光新慌慌:萬聖殺 – 看線上高清“as well as an interview with @star1 magazine . On this occasion, he also talked about the SBS drama ” One the Woman “.

In this drama, Lee Won Geun plays a kind-hearted prosecutor named Ahn Yoo Joon. He always supports Jo Yeon Joo ( Honey Lee )’s steps because he has liked her for a long time.

Lee Won Geun has many interesting scenes. One of them is when the characters speak Vietnamese to impress viewers.

Although the scene was quite short, Lee Won Geun apparently prepared it carefully “永恆族 – 看線上高清“. He said, I looked for a Vietnamese tutor personally and studied it first, because I was quite worried about it.

The director tried to relieve the pressure by joking that no one would know the difference and asking me to relax, but I really wanted to pronounce the lines perfectly, he continued. After seeing the scene, I’m proud that my training seems to be paying off.

However, Lee Won Geun apparently did not receive any feedback from his tutor “我的英雄學院劇場版:世界英雄任務 – 看線上高清“.

Lee Won Geun then revealed the advantages possessed by his character. “He follows his heart when it comes to his feelings for Jo Yeon Joo, but he is also very serious when revealing “天兵阿榮 – 看線上高清” cases as a prosecutor. I’m also happy to be able to display a masculine aura,” he said.

Meanwhile, “One the Woman” only leaves two final episodes “天崩颶裂 – 看線上高清” and will end on November 6. Later this drama broadcast slot will be replaced with ” Now, We Are Breaking Up ” starring Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong .

Lee Sang Yoon dan Honey Lee Tunjukkan Kerjasama Luar Biasa Saat Syuting  Ciuman 'One the Woman'

Lee Sang Yoon And Honey Lee Show Great Cooperation While Filming Kiss ‘One The Woman’

Lee Sang Yoon And Honey Lee Showed Great Chemistry While Filming “聖慾 – 看線上高清” The Kiss Scene Of The Drama ‘One The Woman’. Take A Peek At The Shooting Process In The News Below.

SBS has shared the moment of shooting Lee Sang Yoon and Honey Lee’s kiss scene in the drama ” One the Woman “. During filming, they showed amazing chemistry like a real couple.

Before filming started, Honey Lee “瀑布 – 看線上高清” made everyone laugh with her cute improv skills. Because he suddenly walked out without a bag while showing a confused expression.

In the next scene, Lee Won Geun joins Honey Lee to shoot an emotional confession scene. Lee Sang Yoon, who was watching them from afar, looked very serious about the scene. However, they laughed out loud as soon as the camera stopped spinning.

During a break from filming “金派特務 – 看線上高清“, Honey Lee told Lee Sang Yoon to take more food because he seemed to be enjoying a snack from the table. In response to this, Lee Sang Yoon said, “No, I have to stay in shape.”

However, Lee Sang Yoon was even more tempted by delicious food when he visited the food truck with Honey Lee. He even felt disappointed when he couldn’t get tteokbokki (spicy rice cake from Korea).

At the end of the video, the two start filming a kiss scene “偷天俠盜團 – 看線上高清” when Honey Lee’s character gets drunk. Before filming started, Lee Sang Yoon joked, “He drank (alcohol) before coming. He really drank!”

After that, the couple showed great cooperation to prepare for the kiss scene. To get the best results, Lee Sang Yoon and Honey Lee discussed every detail with the director.

Thanks to careful preparation, the two managed to show “廢棄之城 – 看線上高清” the kiss scene very well. They also seem to be careful in the more dangerous scenes so as not to hurt each other.

SBS Releases Lee Sang Yoon And Honey Lee’s Emotional Moments In ‘One The Woman’, Production Staff Says.