Impact of the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Law’, Marcus Rashford Will Quit from Manchester United?


Manchester United will reportedly apply the ‘ Cristiano Ronaldo law ‘ in negotiating contracts with players. United’s consistency in implementing these rules will be tested in the case of Marcus Rashford .

Ronaldo has indeed left United since December 2022. However, the traces of the Portuguese player have not disappeared from Old Trafford. One of them is the plan to implement the ‘Ronaldo law’.taboola mid article

Ronaldo receives a salary of 500 thousand pounds per week from United. Ronaldo is the player with the highest salary in the United squad, as well as the Premier League. Well, United have given up on this decision and initiated the ‘Ronaldo law’.

In simple terms, ‘Ronaldo law’ can be interpreted as a policy in which United do not want to pay players with a value of over 200 thousand pounds per week. Then, what to do with Rashford? Come on, see the review below.

‘Ronaldo Law’ Triggers Marcus Rashford to Move?

The ‘Ronaldo Law’ serves a pretty good purpose. United don’t want to create gaps in the locker room. They don’t want one player to earn far above the other players. So, there should be a salary limit.

Quoted from Express , David de Gea became the first player to feel the impact of the ‘Ronaldo Law’. Currently, United and De Gea are negotiating a new contract. United offered a pay cut and De Gea is ready to take it.

If De Gea’s case goes well, the same may not be the case with Marcus Rashford. Rashford’s contract will expire in June 2024. It is impossible for United to reduce Rashford’s salary for several reasons.

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De Gea is now 32 years old. So, it is difficult for him to get a high contract value, except from clubs outside Europe. Meanwhile, Rashford is 25 years old and is about to enter the golden period of his football career.

Many Clubs Interested in Rashford

United’s consistency in implementing the ‘Ronaldo Law’ will really be tested in the Rashford case. The bomber’s performance is on the rise and he has become Erik ten Hag’s mainstay player. United are obliged to give Rashford a long-term contract.

On the other hand, there are many top European clubs interested in Rashford. PSG have long put their heart on Rashford. PSG is a club that always tempts their target players with high salaries.

Rashford, quoted from Spotrac , receives a salary of 200 thousand pounds per week. However, it is believed that this value is not very accurate because United cut the salaries of several players after failing to qualify for the Champions League last season.