If you loved Supplier A, this movie was made for you


In the courier, Jason Statham will be replaced by Olga Kurylenko, who will meet the requests of the unknown clients not by car but by engine, but of course a small mistake will slip here as well.

Although he hardly renewed the world of film, The Bidon (2002) , based on the idea of Luc Besson and starring Jason Statham , laid the foundations for a spectacular and mostly lucrative franchise. Which seems to work without Besson and Statham, albeit not to the same efficiency and quality, but producing marketable pieces, and with that power we can also say that Courier A (2019) is a kind of tescopic A supplier.

Because Statham was replaced by Olga Kurylenko , who was listed slightly lower than her (though she was already a Bond girl, and bald English was NOT!), And the black luxury car that served as a work tool was replaced by a fast motorcycle. Perhaps it is indicative that the brand has remained the same, namely BMW – and the engine is a BMW S1000R that has just been launched – and perhaps also that the main villain is Gary Oldman , who in two Besson films, Leon , in Prof. (1994) and The Fifth Element(1997) was an emblematic villain. This time, he is the sender, a particularly infamous underworld figure, the dreaded, long-dead mafia boss who is under house arrest in New York, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to get the crown witness of the trial against him ( Amit Shah ), who He is in safe custody in London. Which isn’t so sure, and here comes the unnamed Courier (Olga), who delivers the packages entrusted to him with remarkable accuracy and reliability and never asks questions about the shipment. However, this package is deadly, and the Courier is faced with a decision, and as is customary in Delivery A movies, it makes a good decision – but not one that pays for it.

It was already clear from the above that The Courier is not a complicated piece, in fact, it is as simple as a stick, and if we compare it to other films, there is a lot more than a bodyguard (2017), where Oldman is also an opponent. he wants to put a crown witness under his feet. We have to let it go, though, that director Zackary Adler doesn’t even want to show off his work more than what he does, and he conducts all the action scenes in it with decency, and they are certainly put together well. We don’t necessarily believe that Olga Kurylenko can handle apparently well-trained bad guys three times her size, but it’s obvious that she gives it her all in every scene – she did the same in another film, also recently released, The French Watchmanalso (2020), so Olga works normally for her money and doesn’t mind if her makeup is smeared.