Idris Elba felt confident and proud after starring in the film The Dark Tower


Meanwhile, Idris Elba, who plays Gunslinger, was initially hesitant to get involved in this $60 million budget film. He was worried that his acting would be criticized by Stephen King’s fans. Which, of course, has read and has his own perception of the story of The Dark Tower. However, even so, in the end, Idris Elba felt confident and proud after starring in the film The Dark Tower. According to him, this is their interpretation of Stephen King’s work. He hopes there will be a meeting point between fans and people who have never read his book.

The story shown in this film, in fact, is only part of the entire story written in the first novel The Dark Tower. The title is The Gunslinger (1982). Therefore, for those who have read the book, perhaps, it will feel strange. Because the story in this film goes straight to the top of the problem. Namely, the duel between The Gunslinger against Man in Black.

So that the story does not hang, the studio, the plan, will complete this film with a television series. The story will be taken from the novel The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass (1997). Which tells the origins of The Gunslinger. Which explains his past relationship with the Man in Black.

In addition to the television series, Stephen King himself hopes that a sequel will also be made. The story can be taken from the novel The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three (1987). The rating, perhaps, is R (Restricted). Special spectacle alias for adults.

The realization of the sequel, of course, will depend on the success of this first film. Which, unfortunately, received a negative response from critics. A number of review sites call The Dark Tower boring for those who have never read the book. And less satisfying for fans of Stephen King’s work. In addition, the acquisition of The Dark Tower at the box office is also lackluster. After three weeks of airing, this film only grossed USD 70 million. Therefore, the plan to make a sequel, it seems, is still a big question mark.

Cars 3, finally, will also be showing in cinemas starting this Wednesday (16/8). In fact, the film produced by Pixar Animation Studios has been released globally since last June 2017. Like the two predecessor films, Cars (2006) and Cars 2 (2011), this third film continues to tell the adventures of the race car number #95: Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson). However, the difference is, this time, McQuuen is no longer a young racing car, but a veteran race car.

In the first film, Lightning McQueen was the fastest racing car. In this Cars 3 film, it is told, McQueen realizes that he is getting old. Like an athlete, his body is no longer able to do what he used to do when he was young. As a result, he is no longer the fastest car in the racing arena.

The presence of the latest generation of race cars, such as the Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), with more sophisticated engine technology, makes Lightning McQueen, who has won the Piston Cup Championship for the last ten years, increasingly eliminated. His heyday is in jeopardy.