HYBE artists all have the same “HYBE nose”, and Miyawaki Sakura can’t be spared? !


When I first came into contact with Korean Entertainment, the most common thing I heard was that Korean artists had plastic surgery. In particular, there were rumors that there was a whole floor of plastic surgery hospital in the SM Entertainment building of the “star making factory”, which transformed artists into SM faces. Of course, this statement should be false. Although every time SM launches a new group, netizens say that this is the face that SM likes, but it seems that this statement also appeared on HYBE. Netizens found that their artists all wore the same “nose”.

Since HYBE relied on the Bulletproof Youth League (BTS) to squeeze into the four major Korean entertainment companies, and began to acquire and establish subsidiaries frantically, almost all the members of the group that have been launched or will be launched have what netizens call “HYBE nose”. Whether it is the boy group ENHYPEN who debuted through the talent show earlier, or the trainee “Trainee A” who has already appeared in the company’s schedule, and even the upcoming LE SSERAFIM member Miyawaki Sakura is not spared.

If you don’t compare, you don’t know, but you can only find the details after a comparison. From the photos of the ENHYPEN combination dug up by many fans, it can be clearly seen that basically all the members have the same nose, and this “HYBE nose” is characterized by a typical “pointy nose” with a high nose bridge and a pointed nose. Some fans even pointed out that even the members who were already good-looking must be forced to use the same style.

In addition, Miyawaki Sakura, who made her debut through the program “PRODUCE 48” with a sweet face of her first love in Japan, also couldn’t escape the fate of being plastic surgery. Head and nose, fans couldn’t help but scold: “Why is HYBE so obsessed with this nose?”, “Did you receive money from the plastic surgery hospital?”, “Can’t debut if you don’t get fit?”, “Give back the little cherry nose to me! “Wait, even more BTS fans said: “Fortunately, BTS members are all right~”, “Don’t touch my bulletproof!”.