How to stream this weekend: #6

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on weekends Nowadays more and more platforms have different catalogs which makes it even more difficult to follow. Great for streaming a collection of old titles from the latest.

Some of us often miss out on the best classic movies that have come out of certain platforms.

For this weekend, Cultura wants to provide recommendations for the latest and best series and movies on streaming platforms. In March, Cultura reviewed several new titles. While some don’t quite live up to the standards, many are worth watching and even exceed expectations.

Make sure you don’t pick the wrong series so you don’t start bingeing or waste your time on regular original movies. Here are the latest series and movies collected by Cultura on live streaming.

“Gannibal” is a Japanese series with a mystery thriller genre starring Yuya Yagira as Agawa Daigo. Daigo is a new cop who is transferred from the city to the remote village of Kuge with his wife and young daughter.

The villagers who kindly welcomed Kuge Village looked like an ordinary village. However, after meeting Goto, Daigo feels that a famous family in the village is trying to cannibalize him.

Usually Japanese titles are slow, but not “Gannibal”. Only the first two episodes; Script building is very fast; Episode 3 is the best episode, strengthening Daigo’s character as a protagonist.

As a series of cannibals, the suspense scenes are few and far between. The story is really dark and feels really scary. From Daigo’s point of view, everything will become more terrifying for every character around him.

Where to stream: Disney+ Hotstar


Our last
“The Last of Us” is HBO’s latest and most popular series right now. This survival drama series was created by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, the original screenwriters for the game. “The Last of Us” is arguably the best video game adaptation of the series to date, and there are many reasons why it deserves so many positive reviews.

first, The performances of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie are of a very high quality and the two have strong chemistry as well. Secondly, All of us who are not familiar with the game are guaranteed to continue to enjoy this series as a drama that showcases an immersive post-apocalyptic setting.

“The Walking Death”, Contrasted with similar series like “The Last of Us,” it focuses more on the human side. The New World System not only exploits the fear of Cordyceps, but seems more natural.

From the pilot episode to the final episode episode 7; The quality of “The Last of Us” is very consistent. There are always memorable moments and stories in each episode. touch Focus on the backgrounds of the various characters, both touching and depressing. “The Last of Us” has only two episodes left. The final episode will be on March 13.

Where to stream: HBO GO


Makanai: Recipe for Maiko House
“The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House” full episode is now available for those who want to watch the series in a relaxed way. This series was recently directed by Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda.

Sumire and Kiyo are friends who want to fulfill their dreams in Kyoto as Maiko. In the end, Kiyo finds a new dream, but the two are inseparable and rely on each other.

‘The Makanai’ generally has a plot like a slice of life anime, starting in winter and ending in spring. Although it is a fictional script, This series is very culturally rich; In particular, it introduces the life of a maiko in Kyoto. Watching Kiyo cook for the maiko is also a culinary movie dish that makes you hungry.

Where to stream: Netflix


Lockwood & Co.
“Lockwood & Co” is the newest teen mystery thriller series on Netflix. For 50 years, the presence of ghosts has been terrorizing humans, especially at night. Lucy Carlyle is a gifted listener who moves to London to work for a ghost hunting agency. Lockwood & Co., a small independent agency with Anthony Lockwood and George Karim. also accepted him.

These three British ghost hunters could be Netflix’s newest heroes. We also hope that many viewers will get a second season of this mystery adventure seriesA.

Ruby Stokes Cameron Chapman; Ali Hadji-Heshmati are three young actresses/actors with really good chemistry. Their adventures in ghost hunting feel like a supernatural version of Sherlock Holmes. As in “Wednesday” Teen fans can also enjoy this series.

Where to stream: Netflix


“Extraordinary” is a new superhero themed series that has a similar feel to “The Boys”. The cast and story are very different, but the essence is the same. It’s a satire on the prestige of superhero genres like Marvel and DC.

“Extraordinary” is a British colonial humor English series. In general, The superpower theme combined with the quarter life crisis issue makes it feel really relatable to the average audience.

When normal people get superpowers at 18, Jen is 25 and still hasn’t gotten hers. Jen feels that her life would be better if she had superpowers. Or is the lack of superpowers just an excuse for Jen not to be a better person? “Extraordinary” has a new perspective on the superhero genre that’s truly worth watching.

Where to stream: Disney+ Hotstar


Regional series are of good quality and worthy of support. Especially with different genres like “Catharsis”. Pevita Pearce stars as Tara, a traumatized woman who is the only witness to the tragic murders of her adoptive parents. The perpetrator is suspected to be a serial killer who has not reoffended for 20 years. investigation In between therapy and trying to live a normal life, Tara meets Ello, an extraordinary human being.

“Kataharsis” is a psychological thriller genre series with romance and black comedy. Not just different; This series features a true-execution mystery thriller. When you really feel the main genre in every episode. The characters of Tara and Ello are unique and interesting to watch as the story continues.

Where to stream: Vidio


Dear David
“Dear David” is an Indonesian modern film by Lucky Kuswandi, who is busy and controversial in the local entertainment scene. Laras is an outstanding student at her school, receiving a scholarship and serving as student council president.

It turns out that behind her appearance as an innocent model student lies a romantic fantasy about the school’s football star, David. He pours out all his imagination in the form of stories posted on his personal blog. One day, his blog goes viral in schools, threatening his reputation.

Most of the audience might have different expectations about “Dear David” since the promotion of this film. This teenage drama is more than just a sensational film. Even if it’s only on the surface level. “Dear David” is effective in exploring various issues in adolescence. Puberty exploring sexual orientation; to mental health problems in teenagers.

Where to stream: Netflix


We have a ghost.
Although not Christopher Landon’s best. “We Have a Ghost” is a weekend hit. Kevin and his family move into a new, old, but affordable house to start a new life.

Kevin doesn’t seem enthusiastic about his new abode until he meets Ernest, a male ghost in the attic of the house. A friendship builds between them while Kevin’s father takes advantage of Ernest’s situation.

With hints of Ghostbusters, Casper and E.T. It’s like “we have a ghost” in between. Taking place in the modern age of social media also influences the plot of the film. The first two episodes were fun, but the comedy so far. The ending of this film is touching because the chemistry between Kevin and Ernest is really touching. So it can be defined as a film that will impress the audience.

Where to stream: Netflix

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White Noise
Jack Gladney was one of Hitler’s professors at a university in Ohio in 1984. One day, the peaceful life of Jack and his family comes to an end when a poisonous gas floods their settlement. Jack, Babette and their children tried to evacuate themselves so they wouldn’t be exposed to the toxic gases polluting the air.

“White Noise” is the most experimental film from Noah Baumbach, who has previously produced simpler life dramas.

At first glance, “White Noise” may sound like a family survival drama with a twist of comedy