How to get my Instagram (2022) account verified?

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The famous blue icon that we see attached to the name of Instagram 2022 accounts, conveys a certain confidence in the authenticity of who manages it. The first to make use of this badge was Twitter, where it was possible to apply for it yourself. However, when Instagram introduced it in 2014, they were the ones who manually managed it. Now, the users themselves can request it from their profile.

Of course, unlike what is thought, it is not necessary to be famous to achieve it, nor to have a large number of followers. Although you do have to meet certain requirements and follow some steps that we detail below.

A trick that can come in handy to increase your chances of being granted is to include links to your website, landing pages or other online properties, but definitely not to your YouTube or Twitter account. This detail usually goes unnoticed when we open a profile in this application, but it is key to obtaining the ‘blue check’.

In order to verify our Instagram account , the first and most important thing you have to know is that the fact of being able to request it does not guarantee that you will obtain it. That is where the filters used by the social network come in. Before launching, you have to check if you meet these requirements.

* Comply with Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

* Your account must represent a real person or a registered company. In addition to being known and having a frequent search.

* It must be the only presence of the applicant on this platform.

* Only one account can be verified per person.

* Your account must be public, have a presentation, profile picture and at least one publication.

Verification of our account step by step
Do you meet the requirements? Ok, now take note of the steps to follow:

* Access your profile in the bottom icon on the right side.

* Once there, click on the hamburger menu (the three dots) and select “Account Settings” .

* In the “Account” section you will see “Request verification” . It may not appear to you. Don’t worry, you just have to wait for the next update of the application.

* Do you get this option? Now yes, you can ask for the ‘blue check’. At this time, Instagram will ask for your account name, your full name and an image of your ID .

Conditions for verified Instagram

Then, what are the requirements to verify an Instagram account ? Here are four important conditions that you must meet for a verified account:

1. Unique
The first condition that must be met is the uniqueness of the account. Of course, this uniqueness is what distinguishes your account from other Instagram accounts . Also, there will only be one account per individual or company on Instagram . As a result, Instagram does not review accounts of public interest, such as edited photos and images, accounts containing only entertainment memes (not companies or celebrities).

2. Authentic
The second requirement for a verified Instagram account is authentic or genuine. Authentic means the account must not be an imitation of a particular character or brand. In addition, the content of the post or feed must be your own work and may not be uploaded by others. This allows Instagram to verify the authenticity of your account and avoid scams and crimes that can be committed through fake accounts.

3. Complete data
Next, Instagram will check for accounts that have complete data. You must complete your Instagram account with a unique biography that describes yourself, a clear profile photo, and at least one post in the account. Not only that, the Instagram account is also not allowed to include other social media links . Then, the account must be public and cannot be private or locked.

4. Famous
Of course the last requirement is that your account must represent a person, brand / brand , or entity that is known or most sought after by the general public. Later, Instagram will check this from various other news sources, for example whether you are really known to the wider community and how famous your account or brand is . Account popularity ratings, on the other hand, are highly subjective, even Instagram has specific criteria that are not publicly available.

Well , if your Instagram account meets the four requirements above, you can start registering for Instagram verification for free. You can easily get Instagram validation via the Android or iPhone app .