How the Penguin Series Evolved from ‘The Batman’


The Penguin series will develop a character who doesn’t stand out in the film

Will we see Penguin’s signature cigar and umbrella in the series?

Matt Reeves’ ‘ The Batman ‘ finally hits theaters, introducing the world to a version of Gotham full of crime lords, corrupt cops, and public officials involved with drug trafficking and other underground crimes.

For fans who enjoy this dark version of Gotham, the good news is that the universe created by Reeves will continue to be explored on HBO Max through several spinoff series .

One of these upcoming spin-off projects focuses on Penguin ( Colin Farrell ), the classic Batman villain who is only a supporting character in ‘ The Batman ‘.

If ‘The Batman’ hadn’t put Penguin in the spotlight, the film would have taken a different approach that HBO Max could take to bring Farrell back as the mafia back in its own spin-off series.

In the movie ‘The Batman’, Penguin has yet to rise to the position of Gotham’s most feared mob boss. When Robert Pattinson begins to unravel the mystery of the crime lord figure behind the scenes of Gotham, namely Carmine Falcone (John Turturro).

While Falcone still controls the drug trade in Gotham City, Penguin has climbed the criminal ladder to become Falcone’s right-hand man. Penguin owns the nightclub The Iceberg Lounge, which is used to strike deals between criminals, dirty cops, and even politicians.

The Penguin of Farrell was never the center of attention in ‘The Batman’, but this film underscores how well-known the villain has become in Gotham’s underworld.

Even Batman himself knows about the Penguin operation and its mob gang. Penguin has built a reputation for itself, which will be more evident in its spin-off series .

The first narrative gap that the Penguin spinoff series can fill with Penguin’s rise to second in command of Gotham organized crime. An upcoming series could shed light on how the villain version of Reeves got his nickname. How he got involved with organized crime, and heinous acts. That’s just one option, as the upcoming series will be able to see the future of Gotham city after the film.

By the end of ‘The Batman’, the Riddler almost achieved his goal of destroying Gotham. River water flooded city streets after a series of explosions along Gotham city’s seafront walls.

To make matters worse, the police force is dispersed and politicians are demoralized, after Riddler reveals how Carmine Falcone has bought the people who are supposed to protect the citizens of Gotham.

As Mayor Bella puts it, by the end of the film, Gotham will have a hard time rebuilding both the city and the trust of the people.

The time is right for Penguin to use chaos to rise to the throne of power, and the spin-off series Penguin explains how he controls Gotham’s underworld. After the Riddler kills Falcone, Penguin takes over all the burdens of Gotham’s crime world.

With Penguin’s rise as Gotham’s crime lord, this spin off series could also show what happens in Gotham after the Riddler’s vicious attack. How will people recover from the destruction of their homes and souls?

And what other threats might arise to challenge the Penguins for control of Gotham? The Penguin series may also be able to bridge the time gap between ‘The Batman’ and its future film sequels.