How great is the acting potential of the BLACKPINK members?


Not only have they created success in the fields of music and fashion, but the girls of Hac Huong – BLACKPINK also have formidable potential in the field of acting.

BLACKPINK may be best known as singers and models, but they are also great actresses. They are holistic, emotional people and they can make any character their own.

It can be said that, during 6 years of operation, BLACKPINK has proven that they are a talented girl group in the fields of music, fashion and acting.

Recently, Jennie appeared in a cinematic advertisement of a famous perfume brand.

Although this was only a short TVC, the female idol made an impression thanks to her flexible expressions, strong body movements and thrilling action sequences. She can even… fly in the air and perform powerful martial arts moves.

Jennie appeared in a Tamburines TVC. Even the BLACKPINK member made a scene in the air

In addition, Jennie will also appear in an upcoming HBO series called The Idol where she will star alongside Hollywood stars such as: Lily Rose-Depp, Troye Sivan and The Weeknd.

In her acting debut, Jennie is expected to show a different side as a bisexual. Through the teaser videos, Jennie has shown her impressive acting.

The female idol will have a highly anticipated acting debut alongside Hollywood stars

On the other hand, Jisoo is the first BLACKPINK member to try her hand at acting and has made a deep impression. Before that, although she only played a cameo role in the movie The Producers , she also made an impression.

Besides, despite being given the lead role in ” Snowdrop ” for the first time , Jisoo has received a lot of praise for her devotion, flexible expressions and emotional acting, which has improved with each episode.

The female idol also performed dangerous stunts herself, and at the same time brought intense emotions in the emotional scenes, overall, she portrayed her character in the best way.

Recently, Jisoo was honored as the Best Korean Actress at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2022 – a testament to her impressive acting ability.

Besides acting in dramas and commercials, Jisoo also plays the female lead in Epik High’s Spoiler + Happen Ending project as a woman in the happiest and saddest stages of a relationship.

Rose also has great potential in the acting field as fans have noted in BLACKPINK’s music videos. She seems to have made viewers live with the character with crying scenes like in Kill this love .

Rose even caused a “storm” on social media with her acting skills in Love sick girls , excellently portraying the mood of a woman suffering to the extreme.

In the project in 2021, Rose portrayed the facial expression of the excruciating pain that the character went through to match the words “all my love is gone”.

Besides the emotional and inner acting scenes, Rose also made a strong impression through the dangerous scenes in the MV.


Lisa alone may be best known for her dancing and rapping skills but also great acting! Lisa perfectly portrayed the character in the group’s song ” Stay ” or impressive scenes such as off-road racing in the MV Lalisa .

So, if all the BLACKPINK members want to enter the acting field in the future, it is likely that they will be formidable names and achieve many good achievements in this Saturday art.