House of Gucci Film Review: The Gucci Family Soap Opera


“Father, Son and House of Gucci!” said Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga), establishing her ‘dedication’ to the family of one of the world’s most luxurious fashion brands. That dedication later blossomed into overreaching ambition, sparking a series of betrayals, deceptions, and ultimately murders in the Gucci family.

House of Gucci is the latest film from veteran director Ridley Scott, the figure behind dozens of slick films ranging from Alien, Gladiator, to The Martian . This time he is adapting the non-fiction book of the same name from Sara Gay Forden which tells the story of the fall of the Gucci family and how the famous fashion producer ended up not having a single family member at his helm. It all started with a sweet meeting between Patrizia and Gucci’s ‘crown prince’, Maurizio (Adam Driver).

Meeting at a glamorous party, Patrizia immediately ‘fell in love’ with Maurizio when she found out that his surname was Gucci. Since then, like a stalker, the daughter of a trucking businessman has been chasing Maurizio, not wanting to lose the chance to be the crown prince’s partner. Luckily, Maurizio is so nerdy that all the attention that Patrizia gives him easily melts his heart.

Maurizio’s father, Rodolfo Gucci (Jeremy Irons), has no problem with his son’s relationship with Patrizia, but strictly forbids the two of them from getting married. Rodolfo hakul believes Patrizia is a ‘ gold digger’ who wants to use Maurizio for social climbing. If Maurizio is desperate, Rodolfo vows to remove his name from the list of heirs to the Gucci fashion empire. Maurizio chose Patrizia.

Patrizia was initially happy that Maurizio chose her and switched professions to become a truck driver to pay for her law school. Over time, Patrizia was also hot. When she finds out Maurizio’s uncle, Aldo Gucci (Al Pacino), has invited him to a birthday party, Patrizia sees it as a great opportunity. He also began to draw up a plan to ensure Maurizio controlled the Gucci business. Incidentally, Aldo is not sure that his son, Paolo Gucci (Jared Leto), will be able to take care of the family business.

We have to admit, on paper, the premise of House of Gucci sounds very soapy. Family conflicts that lead to betrayal, deceit, and revenge to control wealth and the throne is a premise that has been used time and time again. Director Ridley Scott does not offer a unique execution of the premise so House of Gucci feels very straight forward in the story.

Not only straight forward , Scott also conveys the story of the scandalous Gucci family seriously, even too seriously. Scott treats Becky Johnson and Roberto Bentivegna’s script like a Godfather movie , as if it were a mafia movie. As a result, with all the potential it has, House of Gucci is even less fun. The last half of the film, House of Gucci loses its traction due to the directors taken by Scott and it is made worse by the length of 20-30 minutes.

Patrizia Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga, is at the heart of the scandal. It is the motor that drives every part of the Gucci family to his (and Maurizio’s) benefit. Nicknamed the Queen of Gucci by the Paparazzi, Patrizia uses her beauty to manipulate people into moving according to her interests.

Like the original story, Patrizia’s manipulations are getting more complicated by the day. He began to take risky steps that he believed would bring the entire Gucci business to himself and Maurizio. According to him, no one is braver than him in the Gucci family. “I’m probably the most Gucci person out of all the family,” he said firmly in an interview in 2014.
Gaga plays her role as Patrizia nicely, but it’s not supported by the same good character development. Patrizia’s character, which at the beginning of the film caused admiration for her clever plans, at the end of the film ended up being a very caricature character. He became a completely different figure where his only job was to cry and rage.