Honda must help Marc Marquez with a competitive bike – MotoGP

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Former MotoGP racer, Emilio Almazora, revealed that Honda must help Marc Marquez to achieve achievements this season. The trick, by providing a more competitive motor, and of course minimal problems.

Most recently, in the United States MotoGP, Marquez had fallen to position 24 at the beginning of the race because of problems experienced by his motorbike. Luckily, thanks to his great ability, Marquez was able to crawl up and finish in sixth position.

If people view this as a slick thing, it’s different with Almazora. As a former racer, he knows very well the suffering experienced by Marquez, the problem with his motorbike.

1. Almazora says technical problems affect Marquez

Almazora said he felt annoyed and angry over what happened to Marquez in the United States MotoGP. Due to technical problems, Marquez had to undergo a complex race. Luckily, he was able to finish at the top.

Rider Currently, Marquez is still hindered by technical problems that often make his races complex. As a result, he sometimes needs multiple attempts to get good results in a race, said Almazora, reported by Motosan .

2. Honda must support Marc Marquez

Almazora said Marquez and Honda have the potential to be champions. Honda However, there are some conditions that must be met. Most notably, apart from preventing Marquez from serious injury, Honda had to support it with a good motorbike.

In order for Rider Honda and Marquez to become champions again, there are several conditions that must be met. Currently, that has not happened. Apart from the injuries that often interfere, Honda has not been able to provide a competitive motorbike for Marquez, said Almazora.

3. Marquez has the talent to be a champion

Honda is actually lucky to have Marquez. Almazora revealed, Marquez already has the DNA of a champion in him. The results in the United States MotoGP are proof that Marquez is a mentally strong racer.

However, in the end, Marquez still needs support from all around. One of them is from Honda which houses it. Honda had to give him a bike that was comfortable to use, and away from annoying technical problems.

“I think Honda and Marc Marquez can still make a comeback this season. However, they must support each other. Especially Marquez, he must be supported by a good motorbike,” said Almazora.