Hollywood’s Most Expensive Actor, 3 Underrated Movies Starring Daniel Craig


Who doesn’t know the cast of the James Bond character, Daniel Craig? Recently, reported by Variety , Daniel Craig was named Hollywood’s highest-paid actor today.

Daniel Craig reportedly received a fee of 100 million dollars, or equivalent to Rp. 1.43 trillion for starring in two sequels to the film Knives Out . It is undeniable that Daniel Craig’s acting has proven to be capable, especially in action films.

However, in fact not all films starring Daniel Craig are popular and get good reviews, like some of the films below.


The Invasion
The Invasion is a film starring Daniel Craig in 2007. In this science fiction horror film, Daniel Craig plays a character named Ben Driscoll. The film tells the story of Ben Driscoll and a psychiatrist dealing with a bacterial pandemic that makes people lose their temper and not sweat.

Dream House
Not only action films, Daniel Craig starred in a psychological thriller film titled Dream House , in 2011. This film tells the story of Will Atenton (Daniel Craig) with his family moving to a new house.

Early moving in, they were so calm and spent a lot of wonderful time together. However, all of that turned scary after various strange events occurred in the house. This strange incident is related to the sadistic murder that occurred in the house.

Flashback of a Fool
Flashback of a Fool is a film that tells the story of a Hollywood actor, Joe Scot (Daniel Craig) who chooses to take a hiatus from activities as an actor since his best friend died. During his hiatus, Joe reflects on his life and what he may face in the future.

This film is the next Daniel Craig film to be included in the underrated category . This is because many film critics assess the scenario in this film is not so developed.