Hollywood Movies Failed at the Box Office but Are Now Favored


It is undeniable that most filmmakers try to make as much profit as possible. Especially with high-cost films, of course the expected expectation is that the film can be successful so that it can cover production costs.

Unfortunately not all films are successful in terms of revenue. There are so many films that fail to get an audience either because of lack of promotion or because of the storyline or the players. Not a few cool films that get less appreciation so they flop .

But there are also films whose initial release failed but a few years later became popular. Like these seven films, which are now considered iconic even though they failed before.


Fight Club
You could say Fight Club made the careers of David Fincher and Brad Pitt soar up. However, did you know that the film, which was released in 1999, failed to make a profit. The film cost $65 million to produce but only grossed $11 million. Even though now Fight Club is one of the most popular old cult films .


Donnie Darko
The success of a film depends on its advertising and promotion. Many cool films but did not become box office because of improper promotion. Like the Donnie Darko movie which was a flop because the trailer for this film showed a plane crash scene that was similar to the tragedy of 9/11. Of course this was controversial at the time.

Although it had failed in the past, the film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, has become one of the films that must be watched by cult film lovers .

Cannibal Holocaust
This cannibalism-themed film used to be controversial because some of the scenes looked very real. The director even had to be sued several times because the death of the actors in this film looked like the real thing. This affects the performance of this film when it airs in theaters.

However, now the film Cannibal Holocaust is very often a recommendation for those who like movies full of gore scenes .

Before successfully playing the character of Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp had starred in the film Cry-Baby early in his career. Unfortunately this film only managed to earn as much as $ 8 million. Though the production of this film cost as much as $ 12 million. Cry-Baby itself reap success because it got a Tony Award nomination and has been shown on Broadway.

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Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rocket is the film debut made by Wes Anderson. The film that aired in 1996 was a commercial failure. With a production cost of $5 million, the film didn’t even make $1 million. Bottle Rocket was only able to make a profit of $560 thousand.
Although it could be considered a flop , this film managed to make Wes Anderson get his next film project , namely Rushmore .