history proves that it’s far not going that Elon Musk has ‘have a door’ against Apple!


Elon Musk is taken into consideration a “rookie” in the special warfare that has been occurring in the generation enterprise for decades.
lately, billionaire Elon Musk amazed while saying the massive Apple stopped advertising and marketing on Twitter and threatened to remove Twitter from the App save. In reaction, Musk stated that if that befell, he might do not forget making his own telephone.
in addition, the 51-yr-old billionaire also again and again criticized the 30% commission that Apple collects from many app developers on the App store. He even published a ridicule-up of two lanes with the option “Pay 30%” or “be part of the warfare”.
This has many people concerned that a war between the two tech giants may be approximately to break out.
in step with commercial enterprise Insider, Musk is a “rookie” in the special conflict that has been occurring within the technology enterprise for decades. From unbiased app builders to technology CEOs, absolutely everyone criticizes Apple’s “monopoly” over the App keep with regards to the usage of its in-residence payment processing carrier.
but, Musk is arguably the maximum well-known discern to assignment Apple, and his very public stance has similarly clarified the problem many app-dependent agencies had been experiencing.
For Musk, who has said his purpose to turn Twitter into an “app that provides everything”, from connecting to the equal social network, buying and different varieties of online price, the 30% percentage of the flower fee The fee for Apple ought to pose a vast drag on the enterprise’s business.
Rick VanMeter, head of the Coalition for App fairness, said: “it’s specific that the richest person within the international has the identical problems as a small app developer.”
Thế nhưng, theo đánh giá của commercial enterprise Insider, sự giàu có và tầm ảnh hưởng của Musk có thể không đủ để xoay chuyển tình thế. Trong những năm qua, Apple đã thành công trong việc chống lại các vụ kiện, các cơ quan quản lý từ khắp nơi trên thế giới và nhiều ông lớn trong ngành công nghệ.
Những gì đã xảy ra trước đây có thể không đứng về phía Musk. Đến nay, chưa ai thành công trong việc khiến Apple thay đổi quy định về thanh toán trong App keep.
The incident took place in 2020, whilst Epic games filed a lawsuit because their extraordinarily famous sport “Fortnite” become pulled from the App keep due to a discount for customers if the use of non-Apple payment techniques to make it. in-recreation transactions.
Cuối năm 2021, phán quyết được thẩm phán đưa ra được đánh giá là phần lớn có lợi cho Apple. Theo đó, tòa không thấy có vấn đề gì với việc Apple yêu cầu Epic và nhiều nhà phát triển khác trả 30% doanh thu có được từ App save. Đồng thời, tòa cho rằng Apple cũng không làm sai luật khi yêu cầu nhà phát triển phải dùng Apple Pay để giao dịch trong recreation.
Với chính sách “cấm điều hướng thanh toán” của Apple (điều ngăn các nhà phát triển chuyển hướng thanh toán sang một cổng thuộc bên thứ ba), tòa án đưa ra okayết luận rằng những điều luật do Apple đưa ra chỉ trái với quy định của bang California và vẫn đúng khi xét tới bộ luật liên bang.
Như vậy, có thể nói, các nỗ lực nhằm xoáy sâu vào những vấn đề trên của Epic đều đã thất bại. Cả hai bên helloện đang kháng cáo, khiến kết quả cuối cùng và tác động của cuộc xung đột pháp lý vẫn chưa ngã ngũ.
then again, Epic succeeded in pressuring Apple to alternate its ways. rapidly after the lawsuit turned into filed, a set of businesses which include Spotify, Tinder’s determine enterprise, Tile, and Blockchain.com shaped the Coalition for App equity, which goes to advise for justice. fairer of applications in the market.
The alliance has laid out 10 standards it needs all app stores to comply with, such as a demand to take away “unfair, unreasonable or discriminatory fees or sales sharing” at the side of the calls to allow application developers to speak extra directly with customers.
VanMeter, a member of the Coalition for App fairness, stated the new interest to the App save’s 30% price re-emphasizes the problem and the want for legislative solutions.
Regulators within the US, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and different nations with significant iPhone users have also taken be aware of Apple’s App keep charge approach.
but, even in places wherein Apple faces new legal guidelines that limit a number of its powers, the tech large has now not constantly validated full compliance.
All of which raises the question of whether or not Musk can reach pressuring Apple to change. but, one analyst says that the billionaire’s have an effect on has at least modified things to a point.
“I do not know if things will trade and the way Elon Musk confronts Apple, however his voice could be very vital,” Mahaney said.