His slick acting managed to lift Adrift into a heartwarming love story


Which lasted for five weeks. According to Shailene Woodley, every day, the crew and cast must sail for two hours into the middle of the ocean. To take pictures. As a result, many of them experience seasickness.

Oh yes. The role of Richard Sharp, originally, was reserved for Miles Teller. However, due to conflicting schedules, the Divergent franchise star resigned. His position was then taken over by Sam Claflin.

And, as a result, after being released in America on June 1, 2018, Adrift received a decent response from critics. The cinematography was highly praised. Likewise with the appearance of Shailene Woodley. Her diet struggle, it turns out, was not in vain. His slick acting managed to lift Adrift into a heartwarming love story. Wrapped in an unforgettable drama survival story.

Jason Statham himself is an experienced diver. In fact, in 1993, he had represented England in the Commonwealth Games for diving. In addition, for the last 20 years, the star of The Transporter franchise is also fond of scuba diving.

Jason Statham admits he’s been in the pool his whole life. He learned scuba diving while filming the first film The Transporter (2002). The trainer is a military diver. Which is co-director Luc Besson who gush the film. With a wealth of experience, Jason Statham was convinced: He was the right choice to star in the film The Meg. Therefore, let’s just see the result.

Teen Titans Go! is an animated series that has aired on the Cartoon Network television channel since April 23, 2013. The story is based on the DC Comics teen superhero team. Which, you could say, is an abominable version of the Justice League.

Currently, the Teen Titans Go! has entered its fifth season and consists of 213 episodes. Although they have never won, since 2015, in fact, Teen Titans Go! always nominated for Favorite Cartoon at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Animation is quite popular.

Pictures then decided to raise the Teen Titans Go! to the big screen. In a film called Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. Teen Titans Go! became the second television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation made into a cinema film. To be precise, after Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993).

The story of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies itself takes the time setting of the fifth season of the serial version. So, don’t start all over again. Robin, it is said, has become the leader of the Titans team. The five members of the abominable superhero.

However, after a while, it is said, Robin began to get upset. He felt that Teen Titans received less attention from the public. Because it’s not as popular as other DC Comics superheroes. Such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern. All of which are core members of the Justice League.

In the midst of his turmoil, Robin then came up with an idea to get public recognition. Namely, Teen Titans should have their own movie! Like Justice League (2017).