His mother asks for a high salary, Rabiot can fail to join MU


Adrien Rabiot could have failed to join Manchester United . Because, Rabiot’s agent and mother asked for a ‘wow’ salary for the child. Whoops!
Rabiot is reportedly being approached by Manchester United at this time. Rabiot is said to be the answer to problems in the MU midfield, even though what is really needed is a defensive midfielder.

However, Erik ten Hag as Manchester United manager has called Rabiot directly and asked him to move to Old Trafford. Ten Hag is said to have revealed the team’s program for the season and what position was given to Rabiot.

Adrien Rabiot interested in Manchester United
The French midfielder was also happy and asked Juventus to immediately release him. Like a tit for tat, the Turin club received a £15 million proposal from MU to hook Rabiot.

Now only Rabiot is negotiating with MU management regarding the size and duration of the contract. Then a problem arose in the MU negotiation process with Veronique Rabiot, Rabiot’s agent and mother.

Quoted by Sportmediaset , Veronique wants MU to pay his son higher than what he currently gets at Juventus, which is 6 million euros per season. This request reportedly surprised the Red Devils because Rabiot had intended to join there from the start.

This high salary demand made Rabiot fail to reach an agreement on a new contract with Juventus. Seeing Rabiot’s performance, which has been erratic all this time, Juventus is certainly unwilling to pay him a high salary.

Now it’s just a matter of how Manchester United can melt Veronique’s heart into accepting the same contract offer, and not asking for a significant increase. Veronique herself is known to be “fierce” when it comes to her child.

Veronique had an argument with Laurent Blanca while still at Paris Saint-Germain. Not only that, Rabiot’s mother also had a fight with Paul Pogba’s family and Kylian Mbappe’s father when France were eliminated at Euro 2020.