Heavy Metal Football! 5 Concepts Ralf Rangnick brought to Manchester United


Ralf Rangnick will soon be announced as interim manager of Manchester United . During this time, Ralf Rangnick is known as an adherent of heavy metal football.

Rangnick initially rejected United’s offer because he was only an interim manager. However, the 63-year-old man later agreed with United after a new clause was included in the contract.

Rangnick will serve as interim manager for six months and transfer consultant for two years. Rangnick will not be in control this weekend, when United meet Chelsea.

Rangnick will probably bring a lot of fresh ideas for United’s game for the 2021/2022 season. So, what are some heavy metal football ideas that Rangnick will bring to Old Trafford? Check it out below, Bolaneters .

Identity Play
Rangnick is said to be Jurgen Klopp’s mentor. Rangnick also has services for the career of Thomas Tuchel. Rangnick is often claimed to be the teacher of gegenpressing. Rangnick is a heavy metal football fanatic!

The basic idea of ​​Rangnick’s football is “It’s a style of football that is fast, proactive, attacking, counter-attacking, counter-pressing, engaging and entertaining,” he said.

“We like to press high, with very intense counter-pressing. When we have the ball, we don’t like back-passes. The goalkeeper shouldn’t be the one who has the most contact with the ball,” he said.

Formation Flexibility
Rangnick is a flexible coach in terms of formation. For him, the role of a player on the pitch is more important than formation. The formation can be changed according to the needs and the opponent.

When he was coach of Hoffenheim, Rangnick used a 4-3-3 formation and Roberto Firmino was born. Then, when he coached RB Leipzig, Rangnick used a diamond 4-4-2 formation. Later, the formation became 4-2-2-2.

Four defenders, two number sixs with one more like eight, two number 10s and two strikers. We were fantastic, and it was very difficult for other teams to attack,” he said.

Fred Will Be Vital
Fred is the player who best represents Rangnick’s football ideas. Fred might be impressed just running around on the field. However, Fbref called Fred the player who presses the most.

Fred has made 224 wins in Premier League games, more than any other player. Fred ahead of Bruno Fernandes who did 205 pressings. Meanwhile, Paul Pogba did 135 pressings.

Fred could be a key player in Rangnick’s United midfield. So is Fernandes. Meanwhile, players like Scott McTominay and Paul Pogba still have to compete to lure Rangnick.

Ronaldo Used?
As discussed in Fred’s section, pressing is key to Rangnick’s play. So, what about Cristiano Ronaldo’s function at United?

Ronaldo is known to only do 39 pressings in the Premier League. The lowest compared to other United players who play regularly. In fact, Rangnick’s idea is that pressing starts from the front players.

Rangnick might be looking for ideas so that Ronaldo doesn’t have to be tired of chasing the ball. Because, Ronaldo’s main task is to score goals and his energy should not run out to press. Or, Rangnick might leave Ronaldo on the bench.

Future Role
Rangnick is not just an interim manager at Manchester United. Rangnick will also be a ‘consultant’ United transfers who have power for two years.

Rangnick may take on a bit of the role of Ed Woodward – who stepped down at the end of the season – and John Murtough as technical director. Rangnick has a special ability to deal with transfers.

In the hands of Rangnick, there were brilliant transfers such as Sadio Mane [FC Salzburg], Roberto Firmino [Hoffenheim], Joshua Kimmich [RB Leipzig], Erling Haaland [FC Salzburg], Timo Werner [RB Leipzig], and many others.