Have you repented? 5 Anime Characters Who Have Been Bullies


Because bullying cases are still rampant, it’s no wonder that some films, dramas, anime and other shows still use the premise of bullying so that the audience can reflect on themselves from these actions. Not only in movies and dramas, some anime also include different stories of bullying.

This time, the author will review five characters who become bullies in anime. Some of these characters carry out quite severe bullying and make some of their victims even experience mental stress. Curious? Come on, let’s review it now!


1. Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)
In the My Hero Academia anime , the character Bakugo was originally told to have a personal grudge with Izuku Midoriya. Because Midoriya has no talent, but has a high sense of heroism, Bakugo hates him so much and bullies him to the end. He also intimidates Midoriya into not attending UA Academy.

Although his character is shown as a bully at the beginning of the story, Bakugo’s character development is getting better even though he still maintains his angry and cynical nature. Instead of bullying Midoriya like he did in the past, Bakugo has started to compete in a healthy manner and repairs his relationship with Midoriya.

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2. Ishida Shouya (A Silent Voice)
Because the film A Silent Voice raises the issue of bullying against children with disabilities, Ishida’s character is certainly not spared in this list. In the story, Ishida is said to have repeatedly bullied Shouko Nishimiya who was unable to speak or hear. He pranked, mocked, and threw away Nishimiya’s hearing aid several times.

Because of this action, the mother has to compensate quite a lot and Ishida becomes the target of bullying because of her actions. After reuniting with Nishimiya, he tries to improve himself and apologizes to Nishimiya.


3. Giant (Doraemon)
If this one character is known, yes, because he often bullies and intimidates Nobita. With his large body and strong impression, Giant also often blackmails Nobita in order to get tools from Doraemon. Because of his irritable nature and resolving problems with violence, Giant is also said to control his residential area, intimidate other children, and steal.

Even though he has bullied Nobita several times, Giant is also often seen helping Nobita. Sometimes, this character whose real name is Takeshi Gouda can also be good. Not infrequently he participates in adventures with Nobita and his friends.

4. Sarina Shizukume (Mahou Shoujo Site)
Sarina is one of the students who bullied Aya Asagiri in the anime Mahou Shoujo Site .

Sarina and her friends put razors and nails in Aya’s shoe locker, scribble on her stool, and beat her in the bathroom. Because of his hatred for Aya, Sarina’s bullying begins to turn into a desire to kill. Even so, Sarina’s hatred will fade when Aya’s kindness starts to wake her up. He then turned to help Aya to defeat the admin as a magical girl.

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5. Tomoo (Elfen Lied)
Tomoo’s bullying of Lucy could be said to be outrageous. In the anime Elfen Lied , Tomoo is the leader of a group that often bullies the children in the orphanage. Because Lucy had horns which she found quite strange, Tomoo often mocked her cow and spilled milk on top of her bag.

The culmination of Tomoo’s bullying is catching the puppy that Lucy takes care of. Before Lucy’s eyes, Tomoo beat the puppy to death. Feeling so angry, Lucy releases Vector for the first time and kills Tomoo along with the other bullies in a terrible way.

There are those who realize their mistakes and try to improve themselves, but there are also those who have to die because of their actions. Among the five characters above, which character do you hate the most because of their bullying behavior?