Harry Maguire’s relaxed response to criticism: It’s natural, I’m Manchester United captain

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Harry Maguire’s relaxed response to criticism: It’s natural, I’m Manchester United captain


Stoper Manchester United (MU), Harry Maguire, quite a lot of criticism in recent years. However, the Manchester United captain did not want to bother with the situation because he thought it was a risk for a team captain at Old Trafford.

Harry Maguire has often been the scapegoat for the poor results United got in the 2021/2022 season. The media in England, fans, and even pundits, are busy criticizing Harry Maguire.
Not only at Manchester United, Harry Maguire also received criticism for his performance when defending the England national team. That situation is still happening this season. Harry Maguire is still the target of criticism from many parties.

Harry Maguire’s situation was very complicated. Last season, he even had to be rested by United for receiving terror from fans via social media.

Feeling So Big News

Harry Maguire has a strong mentality to deal with criticism for him. He realized it was part of his career risk. Harry Maguire is United’s captain and a few mistakes will get more attention.

“I don’t focus on other people and what people say. I think if people make a story about me, because I am the captain of United, it will be big news,” said Harry Maguire.

The MU defender is often an easy target for the mass media in England. He received criticism from all aspects. Meanwhile, according to the former Leicester City, not much is discussed about him when there are good achievements.

“That’s the reason they criticize me. They are looking for clicks, and things like that. When I played at Euro 2020, after being injured for eight weeks and not playing, I was included in the Team of the Tournament,” said Maguire.

Always Ready to Play

Harry Maguire’s situation is now even more difficult. Not only often receive criticism, Harry Maguire is also rarely played.

Harry Maguire is also more often sitting on the MU bench. His position began to be evicted by Lisandro Martinez who was brought in by Erik ten Hag last summer.

“Obviously the manager Erik ten Hag decided to leave me out of the starting XI when the team played, and United won after that,” Maguire said.

That’s all I can do to try and help the team,” said the 29-year-old.

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