Harrison Ford Movies That You Can Watch


Who is not familiar with the face of this senior Hollywood actor? This is Harrison Ford. Born in Illinois, United States, the actor who is also a pilot and environmental activist has played various iconic characters throughout his career.

Call it Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise to Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones franchise. Specifically for Indiana Jones , 2 films entitled Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) you can watch on Netflix, you know.

Patriot Games
Do you like Tom Clancy’s espionage novels? Patriot Games is too good to miss. If previously the character of Jack Ryan was played by Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October (1990), then in this Patriot Games the character was entrusted to Harrison.

This time, Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) must face a group of rebels who are waging revenge against him and his family. It all started when he foiled an IRA assassination plot against a minister while on vacation in London.

Directed by Phillip Noyce, Patriot Games pits Harrison with other big Hollywood names, such as Sean Bean, Samuel L Jackson, James Earl Jones, and Richard Harris. In its time, the film was a box office success with revenues of 178 million US dollars worldwide.

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Clear and Present Danger
Still based on the adaptation of the novel by Tom Clancy, Clear and Present Danger brings Harrison with Willem Dafoe, who plays Norman Osborn or the Green Goblin in Spider-Man (2002). Willem plays John Clark, a teammate of Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford).

This time, it wasn’t the rebel army that Jack had to deal with. He must risk his life and career to uncover an illegal operation against a drug cartel within the CIA.

Not only was it a critical success, this film was also a commercial success by overtaking the box office record of the previous film, Patriot Games (1992). This film managed to collect the coffers of 215.9 million US dollars. For those of you who like conspiracy-themed films, Clear and Present Danger is a must on the watchlist !

What Lies Beneath
Although Harrison’s name is synonymous with action films , he has also played in horror films, you know. Titled What Lies Beneath , the film is directed by Robert Zemeckis, a filmmaker who has produced great works, such as the Back to the Future trilogy (1985-1990), Death Becomes Her (1992), and Forrest Gump (1994).

In this film, Harrison is paired with Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays Janet van Dyne or the Wasp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They play a married couple who live in a haunted house.

It all started when his wife, Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) did a seance to uncover the case of the missing neighbor, Mary (Miranda Otto). However, it actually backfired for the household he built with his husband, Norman (Harrison Ford).

Despite receiving mixed responses from critics, What Lies Beneath won 3 nominations at the Saturn Award, including Best Horror Film. However, unfortunately the trophy was successfully brought home by Final Destination (2000).

Do you like horror movies with exciting plot twists ? What Lies Beneath is really recommended to watch!

Action thriller genre , Firewall brings Harrison with Paul Bettany, who plays Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Harrison plays Jack Stanfield, the head of bank security who must save his family from being held hostage by a businessman named Bill Cox (Paul Bettany).

In addition to Harrison and Paul, this film also stars Virginia Madsen, Jimmy Bennett, and Carly Schroeder who play the family of Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford).