Harrison Bader’s opinion on a contract extension with the Yankees [Sports News]

Since Harrison Bader officially debuted in the current MLB season on May 2, the New York Yankees have won 15 of their 22 challenges; a piece of information that could somehow be linked to the appearance of the explosive center fielder, who had been injured since the preseason.

It is that despite hitting only .174 in the last 15 days, the holder of the Gold Glove in the Nacional during 2021, stood out in attack during the first week and a half of this month, coupled with maintaining until today’s sun his traditional defensive solvency and become a kind of leader within the clubhouse.

Such arguments make Harrison Bader seem “cheap” to some Yankees who “barely” pay him $5.2 million in 2023; last season before becoming a free agent.

Consequently, the former St. Louis Cardinals was asked about the possibility of extending his contract with the “Bronx Bombers”; something that he would have to give himself in the next few weeks or before September.

“I would do this for free,” Bader revealed to the nj.com portal, acknowledging that he would like to get a multi-year deal with the New Yorkers.

If the Yankees want to handcuff Harrison Bader, it’s likely they’ll succeed considering that the eccentric outfielder has repeatedly stated that he has been a fan of the “Mules” since he was little.