Harden Clowns Maxie, Embid After Victory Over The Cavaliers


He Sixers organized an impressive victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night, and it was Tyrese Maxi who helped dig the team out of the early pit with 21 points and win 125-119. Maxi finished the night in the team, scoring 33 points, 24 of which in the second half.

Without the heroism of the 21-year-old in the late game, the Sixers draw would probably have been ineffective. However, his strong performance did not prevent him – or Joel Embiid – from becoming a clown due to the acquisition of superstar James Harden. After the game, Harden tweeted “when your little brother finally beat you at 21,” posting a photo of Maxie glancing happily into the eyes of the seemingly depressed Embiid. Absolutely brilliant. The embassy managed to score only 22 points against the Cavs – a rare weekend night for a possible MVP candidate. But even when he wasn’t in his game A, Maxie was, and the Sixers continued their winning streak to five games.

They have not yet been defeated with James Harden in the lineup. And since Harden’s arrival, Maxi has averaged almost 27 points per game. Quite a good start to the Harden era. Let’s move on to Maxi’s second-year efforts, and his patience and confidence in second-year security will pay off for the 76ers. This season, Maxi started in the 76ers in all 54 games except one in the 2021-2022 NBA season. Going to the break of the stars, Maxi increased his percentage of three points to 39 from 3.6 attempts per game. Maxi’s long-range shot was much more reliable during his sophomore year, but he was even more productive outside the arc after a week-long break.

In the first three games after the break, Maxi scored 64 percent of his three from 14 attempts. When the 76ers met the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night, the young guard helped boost that figure by scoring five of the six three-pointers in a 125-119 victory over the Cleveland. What is the difference? After his 33-point game against the Cavs, Maxi explained that a short break was very important for his persistent archery. I feel so much better, and I felt younger when I returned to Minnesota after missing a flight. because somehow Dallas, global warming, ice, and I don’t know what’s going on, “he joked. “But yes, I just try to work on it every day,” Maxi continued.  The court, you have to help them as much as possible and I have to do threes “catch-shoot”.

During his first season and a half at Sixers, Maxi proved to be a workhorse as he constantly strives to improve his game every day. Often a young guard has to be forced to take breaks because he tends to expand the boundaries of his development. Although it was difficult for Maxi to take a vacation after playing Rising Stars, he is experiencing positive effects from others.