Happiest Season Review


Abby (Kristen Stewart) has a bad experience with Christmas that destroys her teenage years. However, he has the opportunity to make new memories on Christmas Day when his girlfriend, Harper (Mackenzie Davis), takes her on vacation to her parents’ house.

A new problem arose when Harper revealed that his family did not know that he had a girlfriend. Can Abby and Harper pretend to be friends over the Christmas holidays in a judgmental, competitive family?

Released in 2019, “Happiest Season” was the best Christmas film of its season. In recent years, Kristen Stewart has often played in quality films, including this one. This film contains a story about the relationship between family issues and love.

A Package of Dysfunctional Family Stories and Same-Gender Couple Problems
The portion of the story between family drama and romance in the “Happiest Season” script contains the right composition. Then they are given stories about friendship, childhood, and humor to complete this light drama film.

The main conflict that will be exposed in the story itself is about the expectations of a perfect family for their children who are also perfect. However, actually every member of the family hides their identity for fear of being unacceptable. In the case of Harper, he is afraid of his identity dating other women.

Even with seriously dysfunctional family material, the scriptwriter is cleverly able to make some scenes funny. For those of us who like black comedy or sarcasm, we are guaranteed to laugh watching this film. It must be admitted that it is quite difficult to make comedy films in this day and age, when many people are easily offended by humorous material that is misconstrued as bullying. “Happiest Season” knows very well when to be serious and when to joke in writing the script.

Each Character Has a Contribution to the Story
In a film that has many characters, it is usually something that is forgotten after the film ends. “Happiest Season” has a series of characters who each have a role and contribution to the story. Even the former Harper who only appeared once or twice also influenced the development of the story.

There are no scenes or dialogues that we think are just comedy gimmicks, do not have an impact on the continuation of the story. Like John, played by Dan Levy, he becomes a friend who becomes a “clown” as well as a wise figure when Harper and Abby don’t know what to do.

Although it can be said that this film is at the level of a light popcorn-flick movie, every actor gives their best performance. No one appears clumsy or cringy every time they make a humorous dialogue. The script also remains focused on the development of Abby and Harper’s relationship, under the influence of a complicated family situation.

Several supporting characters that appear also provide gradual clarity about Harper, making Abby question their relationship so far.

Typical Popcorn-Flick Cliche, But Still Fun As a Romantic Christmas Watch
There are many elements that are quite cliché in this film. Starting from unexpected meetings, urgency that makes the audience panic, and the like. But this is very tolerable because the script presented is very entertaining and meaningful.

No need to worry either, “Happiest Season” will be a spectacle that drains feelings at the beginning, but will end with a satisfying scenario. This film can also be categorized as quite safe to watch with family because it only contains a few romantic scenes.

“Happiest Season” could become a future Christmas classic, much like “Love Actually” (2003) and “The Holiday” (2006). The film, directed by Clea DuVall, is now available for streaming on Netflix.