Handa-kun Anime Review: Lika – A Loner’s Life Twists


Humans are born with different characteristics. Some are chatty, full of energy, some are quiet and enjoy their own time more. Each – each has its own plus and minus. People who talk a lot may often be considered too noisy, while people who are quiet sometimes have trouble talking to other people.

Handa-kun , is an anime that tells about the life of Handa Sei, a high school student who apparently thinks that everyone around him hates him for some reason. As a result, Handa struggles herself in doing her daily routine, especially when socializing with her friends in class. Handa-kun is also a prequel to the Barakamon anime we reviewed . Airing 2 years later, Handa – kun tells the story of the main character during his school days.

Story Premise
This anime tells the story of Handa’s character who doesn’t care about his surroundings. Assuming that almost everyone hates him, Handa is always faced with awkward situations, which often creates misunderstandings between him and his friends. This misunderstanding, which is always raised in every funny and annoying moment in each episode. Because it only relies on one aspect in creating a comedy moment, sometimes boredom arises when watching this anime. Even so, the number of side characters that are no less absurd makes the humor still entertaining. As a comedy anime, Handa-kun doesn’t really focus on the storyline, so that in every episode there is almost no progressive storyline. This may be a little disappointing, especially for viewers who have watched it before Barakamon , where the storyline is very concerned.

In addition to Handa’s nature which often causes misunderstandings, other characters are also described as having absurd and annoying traits , at least for a Handa. For example, the character Nikaidou, who is popular with women, makes Handa uncomfortable because she is surrounded by many people, or the ambitious Aizawa character that makes Handa difficult. The side characters are precisely the key to the cuteness of this anime, where a very large difference in nature can be seen between Handa and the friends around him. In addition, this anime also tells about Kawafuji Takao, one of Handa’s childhood friends, who also appears in the Barakamon anime . Although rarely shown, Kawafuji’s character, which turned out to be the cause of Handa’s aloof nature, played an important role in the development of Handa’s character itself.

Design and Animation Quality
As a comedy anime with a slice of life touch , the scenes that are often shown in Handa-kun are conversations between characters which are then made funny with strange character expressions and simple movements. It is executed very well by the studio, Diomedia . In addition, the character designs created are also quite enjoyable. As for the background design or the world, it is only kept simple and not too highlighted. This is indeed natural in a comedy anime, where the scene shown focuses more on the characters.

Music and Soundtrack
In Handa-kun , the background music ( back sound ) is not what is highlighted, considering that almost the whole scene is comedy. Even so, the selection of the back sound used in the scene is very precise, so it can add a silly and funny impression. The opening of this anime is sung by Fo’xTails with the title “ The LIBERTY ” and the ending is sung by Kenichi Suzumura with the title “ HIDE-AND-SEEK ”.

Relationship with Barakamon
As already explained, Handa-kun is a prequel to the Barakamon anime. However, there’s hardly any storyline at all, so viewers who have watched Barakamon before might be a little disappointed. Even Handa-kun can you watch as anime separately ( standalone ) where you do not need to watch barakamon that have been aired before.

Handa-kun is a comedy anime that is quite entertaining with characters who have absurd and opposite personalities . Handa Sei as the main character is able to represent a loner who has difficulty in socializing everyday. For some anime viewers, this might be a little boring, because the formula used in creating a funny scene feels monotonous.

For those of you who also want to enjoy Handa-kun’s stories in print, the comics have been published by PT Elex Media Komputindo and can be found at your favorite bookstore or through e-commerce .