Han So Hee was once controversial because she was considered too beautiful


Han So Hee gained popularity after starring in the Korean drama The World of the Married. After that, she became one of the actresses whose works are always eagerly awaited.
But long before her debut as an actress, Han So Hee had become a controversy. This is because of the photos on Instagram.
Her old photos show the beauty of Han So Hee who still looks innocent. Her beauty invites controversy from netizens who do not believe that there is a beautiful Korean woman without surgery.

This was discussed again in one of the Korean forums, which has now been viewed more than 130 times.

“When she was still known as the goddess of Instagram, many did not believe that Han So Hee looked that beautiful in the real world. She was accused of using filters and choosing the right position to look beautiful,” said netizens.

The same netizen then also revealed an interview conducted by Mo Wanil, the director of The World of the Married, about his decision to make Han So Hee one of the main characters in the drama. In fact, at that time he was not as famous as now.
“Her beauty is so unrealistic. During the meeting, we were all amazed by her beauty. I thought at that time I was the only one who thought that, but everyone felt the same way,” said director Mo.

Yeo Da Kyung’s character gives an inherent sensational aspect, but we want viewers to not only see her as a young woman who is loved by an older man. At the end of the first chapter, when we highlight Han So Hee’s face, we want the audience to fall in love. very lucky to have him star in this drama.”

Han So Hee debuted as an actress in 2017. She starred in the Korean drama titled Into the World Again.

In addition, Han So Hee has also starred in a number of Korean dramas as side characters such as in Money Flower to 100 Days My Prince. In 2020, Han So Hee’s career took off after starring in The World of the Married.

After that he was flooded with work. In 2021, Han So Hee starred in 2 drama projects, namely Nevertheless and My Name which both became popular dramas.