Han So Hee Apologizes Her Mother Cheated Up to IDR 1 M


Han So Hee was recently involved in a controversy after her mother stole her identity for money. When the actress was a minor, her mother used the name Han So Hee to commit fraud.
Reported by JTBC News recently, the mother of a top celebrity was accused of defrauding someone so that she suffered material losses of 85 million Won (or Rp. 1 billion).

The victim claims the money was sent to a bank account in the name of a famous celebrity. The celebrities are known to be Han So Hee and her mother.

9ATO Entertainment, as Han So Hee’s management, released a statement clarifying this case. They confirmed that Han So Hee was not involved in this case at all, and mentioned that her mother had used her daughter’s name several times to take advantage.

Ms. Shin, Han So Hee ‘s mother , uses a bank account in Han So Hee’s name when she borrows money. Ms. Shin opens a bank account in Han So Hee’s name when she was a minor, and uses it to borrow money without Han So Hee knowing. said 9ATO Entertainment.

There were several similar incidents as well. A trial was recently held in connection with this case, and the court ruled that this action was carried out without Han So Hee’s knowledge.

The court stated that the mother borrowed money using an account in Han So Hee’s name. However, the court confirmed that Han So Hee was not responsible for the debt because there was no evidence binding her name to the account.

Furthermore, 9ATO Entertainment confirmed that Han So Hee will not be responsible for her mother’s debt. This is done so that scams that abuse their celebrity status can be stopped.

“It is true that the relationship between mother and child will never end. We apologize to those who were harmed by this incident. We hope that the same thing will never happen again,” he concluded.