Had Blasphemed, Korean Netizens Suddenly Support ‘Snowdrop’ For This Reason


South Korean Netizens’ Opinions On The Drama BLACKPINK Jisoo And Jung Hae In ‘Snowdrop’ Are Starting To Turn Around. Check Out The Full Reason In The Following WowKeren News.

Korean netizens’ opinions on Jisoo BLACKPINK’s drama ( Black Pink ) ” Snowdrop ” slowly turned around. The reason is, JTBC has corrected all misinformation related to the historical distortion controversy of this drama.

As is known, a number of Korean netizens strongly criticized the “Snowdrop” plot which was considered to glorify the NSA. They even had time to demand that this drama stop airing.

After a long silence, recently JTBC spoke up to give specific explanations about various issues that made viewers wonder about “Snowdrop”. Check out JTBC’s explanation below:

First, netizens alleged that there were spies who led or participated in the democratization movement. In this regard, JTBC confirms that there is no related content from episodes 1 to 16.

The second is about spies disguised as student activists and infiltrating the democratization movement. Just like before, “Snowdrop” also does not present this scene throughout the episode.

Third, “Snowdrop” is accused of depicting a love story between student activists and North Korean spies. JTBC confirmed that the female lead (Young Ro) is not an activist, but an ordinary student.

Fourth, JTBC responds to accusations of distorted history by linking spies and democratization movements (including the May 18th movement, the June uprising, and others). JTBC explained that “Snowdrop” was not made with the background of the democratization movement or a documentary about the incident. This drama also does not use the democratization movement as a backdrop for spying.

JTBC also denied defaming the historical “Myeongdong Cathedral” as the audience alleged. They confirmed that the confessional scene in episode 4 was not filmed in the cathedral.

Fifth, the scene of a North Korean spy threatening an influential person in South Korea (Professor Han Yi Seop) is not a “contact relationship” that is accepted by both sides. JTBC explained that the Professor had been going to the cathedral for a month to confess his sins.

So the scene when “Lim Soo Ho ( Jung Hae In ) calls Han Yi Seop to the confessional” or “the meeting place of the two” is completely false information. Because Han Yi Seop did not expect to meet North Korean spies there.

Sixth, JTBC alluded to the words of Young Ro’s father who were considered too glorifying the NSA. The words themselves read, “Don’t you know our agents should put the lives of the people above the lives of our colleagues?”. According to JTBC, the expression was intended to hide a father’s concern for his daughter’s safety.

JTBC then discussed the investment from the Chinese company, Tencent. They explained that the investment did not interfere with the direction of the drama’s production at all.

Tencent invested 100 billion won in JTBC through a third party to increase the allocated capital on December 29, 2020. The investment contract ended after the script was fully written and after the drama started filming.

Lastly, JTBC commented on the rare “playing mahjong” scene during this period. As is known, this scene was questioned because it was considered too exalting China.

Regarding this, JTBC explained, “As pointed out in point 7, mahjong was introduced and spread to Korea through Japan during the Joseon Dynasty. There was a mahjong class in political and legal circles in the 1980s.”

The explanation received an unexpected response from many Korean viewers. Because now they have turned to support “Snowdrop” and are enjoying the show like any other drama. Most of the comments even urged JTBC to sue those who had defamed the drama.