Great job! Astra Honda Racers Make Indonesia Raya Song Resonate 2 Times at ARRC Buriram


Astra Honda Racing Team racers took the first podium at the ARRC Buriram race on Saturday (26/03/2022). (Astra Honda)

Two racers fostered by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), Rheza Danica Ahrens and Andi Gilang respectively won the race in the Asia Production (AP) 250 and Supersport (SS) 600 classes in race 1 of the inaugural series of Asia Road Racing. Championship ( ARRC ) 2022 at the Buriram Circuit, Thailand, Saturday (26/03/2022).

Thanks to the actions of the two Astra Honda Racing Team racers, the national anthem Indonesia Raya was played twice at ARRC Buriram throughout the day.

In the SS600 class, Andi Gilang is so dominant. Starting from the leading position, Andi maintained his leading position for half the race. Pressure from the host racers and racers from Malaysia did not overwhelm him.

One after another occurred in a third of the race, even until the last lap. Experience and racing instincts look slick when bulldozing the final corner ahead of the finish.

Andi calmly took first place from Thailand’s Nakarin Atiratphupavat, and finished the race as champion.

“Exciting results in race 1 of round 1. The hard work and support of the team yielded good results,” said Andi Gilang.

In the end, I am very happy to be able to present podium 1 for the team and Indonesia.”

“The struggle is not over, there is still race two (tomorrow). I will try to give my best performance again,” he continued.

The Silent Boy Action The struggle of the Astra Honda Racing Team racer, Rheza Danica Ahrens (front) in the ARRC Buriram 2022 race. (Astra Honda)

Meanwhile, Rheza’s proud achievement in the AP250 class cannot be separated from his experience and hard work.

He swapped positions with drivers from Thailand and Malaysia, or even teammate, M Adenanta Putra. The Silent Boy, Rheza’s nickname, finally finished behind Thai racer Piyawat Patoomyos.

However, Patoomyos was declared to have violated the track limit and was deducted one position. This first podium felt de javu for Rheza, as he had experienced in 2018 at ARRC Buriram.

“Since the qualifying session, it has been shown that the race will be tight because many drivers are performing well,” Rheza said.

“But I believe with the support of a solid team and have strong experience, I can keep my chances and finally present a very important podium as a capital for the next trip,” he added.

The opportunity for AHM fostered racers to bring back the name of the nation still continues. The second race of ARRC Buriram will be held on Sunday (27/03/2022).

The AP250 class will start at 13:55 WIB and the SS600 class will start at 14:45 WIB. The race can be watched live via Youtube Asiaroadracing.