Graham Potter Reveals Mykhaylo Mudryk’s Strengths That Stunned Chelsea


Chelsea were surprisingly able to corner Arsenal in the hunt for Mykhaylo Mudryk. Manager Graham Potter revealed that there were advantages to Mudryk that attracted him.

Mudryk was previously widely rumored to be anchored to the Emirates Stadium. Especially since the summer of 2022, Arsenal are the only interested person.

Chelsea itself has only joined the hunt since the opening of the 2023 winter transfer market. Even though they just joined, Chelsea won the hearts of Donetsk and Mudryk.

Chelsea agreed to a total transfer fee of up to 100 million Euros. The 22-year-old player was even contracted with a duration of up to 8.5 years.

Complete Skill Sets
Chelsea did not carelessly fulfill Donetsk’s request and entrusted a long-term contract to Mudryk.

Potter says the Ukrainian has a skill set that will help him thrive at Stamford Bridge.

“He is an interesting player. Good at one on one. He’s also very direct. He often attacks the opponent’s defense line, can go wide, and even contributes to goals,” he said as quoted by the Evening Standard.

Bright future
With his young age and talent, Potter believes Mudryk can be even bigger than he is now. “He is a player with a big future,” he said.

The former Brighton coach believes that Chelsea supporters will soon like the figure of the player who was raised and educated by the Donetsk academy.

“Again, he is an interesting player. I think the fans will like it.”

Haven’t Played
Mudryk himself has been introduced to the Stamford Bridge public. This moment occurred during Week 20 of the Premier League 2022/2023, Sunday (15/1/2023) WIB.

Mudryk, wearing a Chelsea jersey, greeted the fans before the game against Crystal Palace. However, he could not play yet.

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