[Good movie corner] Teen Wolf (Netflix) – Teen-drama series, supernatural with strange charm


This weekend has been a strange weekend. The only movie in theaters is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness . If you’ve seen the movie in theaters, this week, you can try another movie. https://zenodo.org/communities/dr-strange2-murutuk-cuyy-es/?page=1&size=20 Moveek recommends a teen series on Netflix – Teen Wolf .

Teen Wolfis a series consisting of 6 seasons, in the genres of horror, supernatural and teen-drama. The main characters of the film are best friends Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). One day, Stiles asked Scott, even though he was tall but had asthma, to find a dead body in the woods. But it gets dark, the two are separated and Scott is attacked by a wolf. However, the place where he lived did not have this animal. The next morning, experiencing a life-and-death crisis, Scott discovered he had supernatural powers, speed, self-healing, and super-sensitive senses. He turned into a werewolf in mythology. But these gifts are accompanied by a violent lust that will arise with each full moon or strong emotional swings that have always been associated with this teen. From there, Scott and Stiles took on the responsibility of protecting the town of Beacon Hills from supernatural threats.

Teen Wolf not only has the same name as the classic project Teen Wolf released in 1985 and takes a bit of inspiration from this movie, for example, the two names Scott and Stiles. But Teen Wolf is a series that synthesizes many of the adventures of this best friend duo, and accordingly, an expanded world of its own. In fact, this is not a Netflix original series. Copyright belongs to MTV channel. Therefore, compared to the Netflix series you have ever watched, Teen Wolf is wrapped in a very different atmosphere.

Born in 2011, the time when cable TV series with supernatural genres like Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Grimm… dominated the small screen, Teen Wolf is not out of the trend of movies like this. Teen Wolf has a lot of features of the television era, such as the plot aimed at the teen audience, soap-opera nature, hot teen-drama but not as exaggerated as Elite , and certainly “cheesy” compared to the previous generation. with current standards. But Teen Wolf , and the series like it that came out in the early 2010s, are still the gold standard that today’s supernatural teen dramas can hardly match. So the real reason Moveek suggested Teen WolfWhat is for the weevils? Simply because it’s good, and can completely be “guilty pleasure” for viewers.

Saying Teen Wolf is a masterpiece is a very “overstatement”. Honestly, the series will give you the feeling of watching a CW series but something is strange! This series has all the elements to keep viewers entertained such as adventure, action, supernatural and classic twisted stories like forbidden love, a werewolf trying not to tear his best friend and the innocent people, and high school students caught up in the undercurrents of the supernatural. The students of Beacon Hills are able to almost do extraordinary things, including facing a dark priest who sacrifices humans to gain the powers of an old god. In season one they may be normal students, but slowly, their true selves emerge.

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However, the implementation of Teen Wolf is not boring to illogical or the quality fluctuates like Riverdale or most of the series from the CW station. Telling with pictures, not telling, that is the guideline of the series. In the details, there are always key points that reveal the supernatural world in Teen Wolf . This place exists its own principles molded from the myths from many cultures east and west. So the supernatural world of the series is almost independent and unique from what we know. It’s a unique perspective that makes viewers curious about the story of the series, as well as avoids viewers guessing the plot of the movie. https://doctor-strange2-online.tumblr.com/

Teen Wolf ‘s bright spot is still its characters. Teen Wolf isn’t the first series to cast actors older than high school students as…high school students. Tyler Posey was 20 years old when the first season aired and hit 26 when the series ended. But these “students” are quite charming. It is true that they can do extraordinary things, but it is a rough process that exposes their shortcomings, as well as their determination to overcome them, along with the concerns that are in the spirit of the students. high shool.

Scott wasn’t always strong. Stiles is very annoying at times. Lydia always needs a rescuer and Allison is vulnerable. But after all, they still overcome these weaknesses to become a better person than the past version. They may be supernatural beings with extraordinary powers, however, they still have dark sides and often have to eat onions from them. They can do big things easily, but are more persuasive than the young people in Riverdale. They are noble and often unsung heroes, but they still have their moments of struggle with dating, first time working as an adult, soccer games, grades…

Teen Wolf doesn’t have a new message to tell viewers, but it still delivers a dramatic movie with plot twists and relatable characters. It’s undeniable that Teen Wolf tries to go as deeply emotionally as it seeks to enrich its stories with each season. Can’t say this series is without problems. Multiple episodes don’t always match. The supernatural principles herein are not always consistent. And some decisions are sometimes funny. But Teen Wolf makes up for it with a dynamic and attractive writing style.

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Every season in Teen Wolf is a struggle they have to overcome. Each season has its own charm, but the best is still season 3 – the season that completely changes the tone of the series and is surprisingly mature, with the intricate details and the chaining of all the smaller storylines. smooth way.

Teen Wolf has a rather special energy source if you compare it to the supernatural series of the present. https://zenodo.org/communities/doctorstrange2-es-patap-suratap/?page=1&size=20 Current teen movies are often too crammed with social messages that they forget to balance entertainment values. Teen Wolf can do it more subtly, although sociability is not always present here. That said, Teen Wolf can be the guilty pleasure of moviegoers – we can watch it without worrying about the heavy problems that current teen movies always want to convey. All in all, Moveek boldly recommends Teen Wolf for this weekend.