Gong Yoo’s Character Will Return in Squid Game Season 2


The Squid Game became one of the most phenomenal shows in 2021. How not, this South Korean series managed to become the most popular Netflix original content of all time and also created various phenomena in society after its release . So, it’s not surprising that recently Netflix officially announced the second season of the survival series .

This was revealed through a number of official Netflix social media which uploaded a letter from Hwang Dong-hyuk alias Hwang PD as the director of Squid Game . Hwang PD expressed his gratitude to the audience for making his series popular in various parts of the world. He then also said that the story in the series will continue into the second season.

In addition to announcing the continuation of Squid Game to season 2 , Hwang PD also revealed which characters will return. Starting from Gi-hun, Front Man, and a new character named Cheol-su who is the girlfriend of the giant robot girl in one of the first season games.

Interestingly, Hwang PD also said that men in suits who recruited with the game of ddakji were also likely to return. Just a reminder, in the first season the figure of the man in the suit was a mysterious character played by Gong Yoo. This means that Gong Yoo is likely to return for the second season as well.

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly when Squid Game Season 2 will be released. However, at the beginning of 2022, it was reported that the script for the second season had entered the development stage, so it would most likely start production in the first half of 2023.