God of War Ragnarok will feature two Valkyrie new and “einherjar”, dead warriors to serve Odin


Valkyrie scary of God of War will be back in Ragnarok with two new additions. In addition, the einherjar, warriors who served Odin, will also be present.

Valkyrie could already we suffer in God of War first on the PS4 and now it looks like they will come back to end the world in Ragnarok.

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At least two Valkyrie new will make us sweat in the God of War Ragnarok . The new installment of the saga, which recently revealed the trailer is colorful, it will add an elite soldier who has broken into the list of the challenge or at least that seems to indicate disclosure recently.

Confirmation came from the two of the voice, Erica Lindbeck and Evanne Elizabeth Friedmann, who have confirmed that they will give life to Hrist and the Gna as the two Valkyrie new present in the game. Team Santa Monica Studio has taken a little creative license here.

Gna is not a Valkyrie as it was, but one of the three servants Frigg, wife of Odin and queen of the Aesir. We never see Frigg in the first game, because of its role as the mother of Baldur’s replaced by Freyja.

Therefore, we can connect the Gna with Freya , which will be the main antagonist of this game and have been keeping a very close relationship with Valkyrie. Although this is not the only thing new in this challenge.

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The third actor of this will liven up the spirits of the warriors killed in the battle to be fighting for Odin in Ragnarok.

Much more needs to be known, but little by little, more detail promises about the delivery of this appear. Remember that the God of War Ragnarok will be revealed in the “order”, without cuts, like the previous games . If You want to find out more information has been released today.