Goalkeepers with the Best 5 Attacking Ability at the moment

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Goalkeeper is one of the most crucial positions in the world of football. The goalkeeper is the last player responsible for ensuring the ball doesn’t go into his team’s goal. In the era of modern football, there are several goalkeepers who have special abilities, namely building attacks.

Usually, these goalkeepers have short passes and very accurate hulls. Here are five goalkeepers with the best attacking skills in modern football.

1. Claudio Bravo (Real Betis and Chile)

Claudio Bravo is a seasoned goalkeeper who currently plays for Real Betis. The 39-year-old goalkeeper has played for well-known clubs such as Manchester City, Barcelona and Colo Colo.

Bravo has the ability to provide very accurate short and long passes. The Chilean was also calm in distributing the ball from his goal to his teammates when the opposing team was pressing .

2. Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona and Germany)

Marc-André ter Stegen is one of the top goalkeepers in LaLiga right now. The German goalkeeper is able to play the ball from the back line very well. He also has a good instinct in passing the ball towards the midfielders and forwards.

He also has good passing accuracy. Despite performing well with Barcelona this season, the 30-year-old goalkeeper still has to be a cover for Manuel Neuer in the current Germany squad.

3. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich and Germany)

Apart from Marc-André ter Stegen, there is also another German goalkeeper who has the ability to build a good attack, namely Manuel Neuer. Germany’s main goalkeeper has a very accurate pass.

Not only by using his feet, his throws are also fast and accurate when his team is about to counterattack. Neuer has good instincts in determining when his team should counterattack or not.

4. Ederson (Manchester City and Brazil)

Talking about Ederson Moraes, it certainly can’t be separated from the accuracy of his bait. The Brazilian goalkeeper has a short pass and a very accurate hull. Not only that, he is also an expert in playing the ball at the back.

Ederson has a pass that is not too high but accurate. This skill is not possessed by other goalkeepers who mostly provide high gastric balls.

5. Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid and Belgium)

If Ederson has accurate long and short passes, Thibaut Courtois has a very good shot. Courtois has the ability to throw fast and accurately.

This is what makes Real Madrid quite good at building counter attacks from the back line. It’s just that sometimes the pass is a bit slow and too high when building an attack. Regardless, the Belgian goalkeeper deserves to be on this list.

The five goalkeepers have the ability to build attacks above average. Who do you think is the best attacking keeper right now? Write in the comments column!