Goal Challenge for CR7 at Manchester United: Skip Scholes or Approach Rooney


Cristiano Ronaldo ‘goes home’ to Manchester United as the king of goals. Now he has a challenge to assert his predicate.
It is nothing. Ronaldo is now the sharpest player at the national team level (111 goals). Ronaldo is also Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer (451 goals) which he played for in the 2009-2018 period. In the Champions League, Ronaldo became the king of all time goals (134 goals).

However, during his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo had not transformed into a sharp forward player. He is still playing the role of a winger. Even so, during his time at MU, CR7 was still at the starting point of a transition from a talented young player to a great footballer.

That’s why with Manchester United, Ronaldo was not so synonymous with goals as it is now. He is not yet synonymous with goals, although he has also shown great potential in the matter of breaking into the opponent’s goal.

In the 2007/2008 season, for example. At that time Cristiano Ronaldo scored 42 goals in 49 appearances in all competitions for the Red Devils. It was his most fertile season at United — which is still under some of his fantastic seasons at Real Madrid with 50-60 goals.

In total there were 118 goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo from 292 appearances in his first period with Manchester United. That number has not even made it into the top 10 list of all-time top scorers at Manchester United .

Referring to Statista.com data , Ronaldo occupies the 18th position in the list of top scorers in the history of the Red Devils. Two legendary Man United strikers are right above him, namely Andy Cole (121 goals) and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (126 goals).

The score of the two figures, one of which is Ronaldo’s current manager, seems realistic enough to be surpassed immediately. The next challenge is to penetrate the top 10.

To get into the top 10 of MU’s all-time top scorer, Ronaldo must first be able to shift another legendary striker, namely Ruud van Nistelrooy (150 goals) in 11th position. Furthermore, in 10th position, there is Paul Scholes (155 goals).

If in the future Cristiano Ronaldo can penetrate the top 10, there are still a row of legendary Man United players whose goals he must be able to surpass to become the king of goals at Old Trafford. The list itself is currently topped by Wayne Rooney, one of Ronaldo’s former colleagues at Manchester United.

Manchester United’s all-time top scorer (10 top):
1. Wayne Rooney – 253 goals
2. Bobby Charlton – 249 goals
3. Denis Law – 237 goals
4. Jack Rowley – 211 goals
5. Dennis Viollet – 179 goals
6. George Best – 179 goals
7. Joe Spence – 168 goals
8 Ryan Giggs – 168 goals
9. Mark Hughes – 163 goals
10. Paul Scholes – 155 goals

CR7 Playing for Manchester United vs Newcastle? Used to be a hat-trick!

Cristiano Ronaldo is predicted to make his second debut with Manchester United against Newcastle . According to past statistics, CR7 has the potential to score goals.
Ronaldo returned to Man United in the transfer market this summer. He moved from Juventus for a reported transfer fee of 15 million euros at the start plus an additional 8 million euros.

Of course Man United and Cristiano Ronaldo are no strangers to each other. The Portugal international was a star for the Red Devils for the 2003-2009 period.

After Ronaldo ‘returned’ to Manchester United, what is now waiting for is the moment of his second debut. It is widely speculated that it will happen in the next MU match.

According to the Premier League schedule, Manchester United will next face Newcastle United on September 11 at Old Trafford.

Well, past statistics reveal that Newcastle is one of the teams that Cristiano Ronaldo likes to score against .

According to Opta , Aston Villa is the first team that Ronaldo has conceded the most. One of them is Newcastle .

Of the seven teams whose goals have been scored by Ronaldo at least five times, only Villa, West Ham and Newcastle are still playing in the Premier League.

Among these teams, Newcastle also has an interesting story on Ronaldo’s journey to become a super-sharp player. The only hat-trick Ronaldo ever scored while defending Manchester United was against Newcastle United.

Ronaldo’s three goals against Newcastle United came when the Red Devils won 6-0 in January 2008. It was the first hat-trick, out of a total of 57 hat-tricks, that Cristiano Ronaldo has inscribed at club and national team level in his career.