Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Exposed Yuri While Swearing On KakaoTalk Chat


Sooyoung Shared A Screenshot Of Her Cute Conversation With Yuri. In The Conversation, Yuri Wrote Swear Words That Sooyoung Laughed At.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung revealed a hilarious conversation with fellow member, Kwon Yuri . On Monday (1/8), Sooyoung posted a photo of a KakaoTalk conversation on her Instagram with the caption, “What’s wrong with your typo?”

During the conversation, Yuri asked Sooyoung, “Dear. Syoung (short for ‘Sooyoung’). What’s your favorite song on this album?” Sooyoung made everyone burst out laughing by replying, “What’s that dear?” as if he was confused.

Yuri’s typo accidentally changed “Syoung” to “Syang”, a swear word. The singer-actress then responded to Sooyoung’s message by calling her back using the word “darling”, showing the strong chemistry between close friends.

Seeing their conversation, netizens showed various reactions such as, “I thought she was cursing”, “Yuri’s response was funnier”, “The two people reacted as if nothing had happened,” and “As expected, they are true friends.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be releasing their 7th album, “FOREVER 1″ via music sites on August 5 and releasing a physical album on August 8. Girls’ Generation is currently appearing on the JTBC entertainment program ” Soshi TamTam “.

This is Girls’ Generation’s first comeback in 5 years since they released their 6th album titled “Holiday Night” in August 2017. The album “FOREVER 1” was released simultaneously to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Sooyoung and friends’ debut. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .