Girls’ Generation Make sure we remember who we are forever 1

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In the world before BTS and K-Pop, whose attitude the 4th generation screamed, there was an amazing niche of magical girl groups. One of them is Girls’ Generation. Yes, we can finally write a review about this group, but we can’t mention any of these queens in a K-Drama review, not one of their solo acts. 15 years of Girls’ Generation’s happiness is real, I almost cried, and even though it’s cold today, I’m sweating and bouncing.. It’s hard to believe that Girls’ Generation managed to rearrange and bring OT8’s comeback on this holy day. Just jump right into the review so you don’t get too excited.

Forever 1 could be a song that sounds like an elevator crash, and to be honest, I got it from SNSD right now, so I ate it. Luckily, it’s – after all – the SM Girls’ Generation we’re talking about, and melody and fun are expected by default. Have you ever heard an unattractive GG song? Forever 1 is very explosive and it feels good to hear it after a lot of bad music this year. July was strong enough, but August had won Forever 1. In other words, was it vocal? melody? An interesting hook? You can have fun with Forever 1 just by listening to their voices that you’re used to hearing in solo releases. This song is summer time, refreshing and fun. Nobody said this song was good today. It moves me and makes me dance, plus it makes a great sound. I also love how meaningful these Forever 1 lyrics are. They may be busy individually, but SNSD is with us forever and I really hope this isn’t the last comeback we get from them.

Can you name how beautiful a girl is in the music video? It’s great to see women really grown up and they act like professionals. Sooyoung looks like the smartest wife, and I’m here for that. Thank you Queens for curing my depression with this.

Forever 1 feels like a journey into an era combining old and new sounds, but this album has so much variety that it’s hard to believe we could release 10 new GG songs on this album. It has some very 4th generation sounding songs. Villains (Kwangya hello) are looking at you, but bangers like LuckyLikeIt’s also really amazing. I wanted to take the time to finish the album, so I’m going to emphasize my favorite songs from the album so far, but Una chose another banger, so check it out. Overall, this comeback is unrealistic to write about, which isn’t a good thing. Forever one exceeded my expectations, and I’m very happy about this. I will stop now.

I’m writing this and have goosebumps listening to this comeback. It’s absolutely crazy that Girls’ Generation is back and the whole album is back to celebrate its 15th anniversary. Have many groups reached this milestone while pursuing their own personality, both outside the group and outside of music? Not much, that’s for sure. It makes this comeback even more important and it feels really good to see the girls together again. FOREVER 1 is a cute song that brings refreshing and youthful energy and makes you feel good. See reviews for more information.

FOREVER 1 is so cute and refreshing. It’s a sweet song from start to finish, both in terms of lyrics, music video, and overall sound. It sounds a little different, especially during the chorus, so it doesn’t sound like a live SNSD song, but it’s fun and colorful in every way. It’s hard to be objective about such a comeback, but FOREVER 1 has no denying it was fun and summery, with nostalgia throughout its execution. I really enjoyed their poetry and bridges like the anthem and their pop feel. The chorus was adorable, but I enjoyed the second half a bit more than the first. FOREVER 1 is more like a statement than anything that SNSD is still here and always ready to take over the scene.

Lina and I recently discussed how we can sense that there are no 2nd and early 3rd generation groups in the k-pop scene, and how that is affecting current trends. I’m glad Girls’ Generation decided to go their own way. I am very happy to meet you together.

This album is a lot of fun and always has a lot of cool concepts. The girls played a big role in the production of the entire album I’m always here and making comebacks more fun. These two songs give me a strong You Think feeling, and since it is one of my favorite SNSD songs, on the b side, I definitely feel that I am most attracted to villains