Girl Crush: This is Why Dita de Diamond Girl SECRET NUMBER deserves to be the center of your appreciation

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Welcome to the forty-eighth article of Kpopmap’s weekly “Girl Crush” series!

This series will get to know some female idols or actresses who are the subject of girl crush.

A “girl crush” is defined as a woman or girl who is the object of his admiration. In other words, one of the female K-Pop idols or Korean actresses that fans want is their best friend or boyfriend. It can be based on style, personality, general vibe, etc.

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Let’s meet our girl, Dita!

Dita is famous as a member of the sensational girl group SECRET NUMBER. They are known for their strong charisma and bop-packed discography. Dita is known for her strong stage presence and beautiful aura. He is also recognized as the first Indonesian to debut in K-Pop (with Indonesian ethnicity and nationality). He was born and raised in Yogyakarta and is of Balinese descent.

Let’s see his talent.

Every time Dita danced, she was showered with praise as the prom queen. This is because of his charismatic stage presence and dancing skills. Dita has incredible control over her strength and movements while dancing. Their expressions also create additional narrative to the show that makes you want to see how the beautiful story ends. He also has a keen eye for detail.

Check out this ‘DOOMCHITA‘ fancam to see what we mean.

Her voice is also a gem. She had a beautiful and melodious voice that sounded like her voice dripping with honey. He also has a wide vocal range where he can bring out the husky aspect of his voice in the low notes, but also shines in the iconic high notes. One of the most interesting parts of her vocal performance is how easy she makes the transition.

One of the songs that must be listened to is this cover of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

Dita is not only talented in music, but also very artistic. He has a talent for drawing and painting that will amaze you with his creations. His works can easily be confused with professional designs.

Dita is known as a vitamin, so she got the nickname and fandom name “Ditamine”.

He is also very thoughtful, often helping his members and looking for staff during his promotional activities. An example is how she loves to bake cakes and has shared her delicious food among staff members before.

This goes hand in hand with the visuals. She is known for her Disney princess visuals. Her daughter Aura also got a chance to collaborate with a cosmetic company.

This particular shot made his royal aura stand out even more. She looks like a porcelain princess.