Ghost Doctor Ends, Check Out 5 Heart Touching Haunted Moments

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The Korean drama Ghost Doctor has ended by airing its last episode this week. After two months of always achieving high ratings in South Korea, Ghost Doctor episode 16 answered the audience ‘s curiosity about the fate of Cha Young Min ( Rain ) in the operating room, and the fate of his relationship with Jang Se Jin ( Uee ).

Ghost Doctor Moments is a fantasy medical drama that tells the story of two doctors who can unite in one body and soul. Moments Cha Young Min is an arrogant genius doctor, and becomes a ghost due to an unexpected accident. He can enter the body of Ko Seung Tak (Kim Bum), an inexperienced young doctor.

Ghost Doctor – Besides Cha Young Min, at Eunsang University Hospital there are still several other comatose ghosts, who have already become ghosts. Surprisingly, the existence of the ghosts in the drama Ghost Doctor does not give a mystical impression. Instead, they show many heart-touching moments that can make the audience touch, such as the following five moments.

Ghosts learn to be ghosts
At the hospital there are three ghosts who are compact and they always go together, namely Hwang Guk Chan (Han Seung Hyun), Choi Hoon Gil (Tan), and Lim Bo Mi (Yoon So Hee). Ghost Doctor – All three are patients who were initially in a coma. They have a role in helping Young Min ( Rain ) live his daily life as a comatose ghost.

Ghost Doctor – Guk Chan teaches Young Min how to get food and open the door, Touching while Hoon Gil and Bo Mi teach him to change clothes according to their taste. Meanwhile, Tess (Sung Dong Il) teaches Young Min about the limits of a comatose ghost. Among other things, Young Min can’t be too far from his body and shouldn’t possess people too often.

A ghost who likes to help others
Ghost Doctor – Tess, who has been a ghost for 20 years, has done a lot in helping Young Min adapt to his new life. Ghost Doctor – He explained about the consequences of being a coma ghost and what might happen in the future. Among other things, about the possibility of a special relationship between Young Min and Go Seung Tak ( Kim Bum ), so that he can only possess Seung Tak.

Tess also helps other patients at the hospital. He possessed one of the interns to perform emergency measures, when Hoon Gil’s condition suddenly dropped . However, what Tess is most often possessed by is Mrs. Kim (Hwang Suk Jung), a janitor. When possessing him, Tess once helped Oh Soo Jeong (Son Naeun) find a little patient who had fainted in the hospital hallway.

Ghosts can regret mistakes
Ghost Doctor – The cause is the act of a motorcyclist who overtook his car. Not only Young Min, the motorcyclist (Lee Hyu Gun) was also in a coma.

Ghost Doctor – During the coma, the motorcyclist condition deteriorated, so the ghost begged for him to be saved by Young Min and Seung Tak. He promised to reveal the crime behind the accident, if he could come back to his senses. Ghost Doctor – The problem is, after waking up, the motorcyclist has amnesia, so he doesn’t remember what happened.

Sensitive ghost
Ghost Doctor – Even though they are wandering in the hospital, the comatose ghosts have the same feelings as humans. Ghost Doctor – They can feel doubt, worry, joy, and fear. While being a ghost, Young Min was always worried about Jang Se Jin ( Uee )’s condition, but couldn’t help much. Ghost Doctor – For example, he was angry to see Jang Min Ho came to the hospital just to threaten Se Jin. He felt helpless to see Se Jin threatened and forced Min Ho to give up his inheritance.

Ghost Doctor – Meanwhile, Hoon Gil seems to have special feelings for Bo Mi.