Get to know the Egyptian Gods in Moon Knight!


The Moon Knight series has just aired its third episode, and revealed more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of ancient Egyptian mythology. As we already know, the plot presented in this latest Disney+ series actually revolves around the ancient Egyptian god conflict between Khonshu and Ammit. With the help of his avatar named Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, Khonshu wants to thwart Arthur Harrow’s plans to resurrect Ammit from his grave.

And now, episode 3 entitled ‘The Friendly Type’ has revealed a new fact that there are many ancient Egyptian gods who have avatars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No half-hearted, in episode 3 this time there are five gods who appear through their respective avatars, where these five gods are adapted from the original ancient Egyptian mythology. Their presence is even described as a powerful figure who can judge other gods. Who are these new MCU gods? Let’s go further, geeks!

Ennead’s First Appearance
In the latest episode of Moon Knight, MCU fans are finally introduced to Ennead, the gods of ancient Egyptian mythology who have so far only been represented by Horus, Isis, Tefnut, Osiris, and Hathor. These five gods are shown to have a fairly high position in the MCU, where they can punish other Egyptian gods, such as Ammit whose tomb was hidden since thousands of years ago, and Khonshu who was recently converted into a stone idol and kept inside the Giza pyramids.

Marvel Comics once told that Ennead is a group of gods from the Celestial Heliopolis dimension which is located side by side with Earth. First told in 1950 through the Marvel Tales #96 comic, it is said that the Ennead has been worshiped by humans since 10,000 years BC. This is because their supernatural powers have been proven to be able to regulate the Earth according to their will. The powers possessed by the Enneads are generally magical abilities, such as changing shape, changing reality, manipulating magical energy, and also the basic elements of Earth.

Based on what has been revealed in the series, the dispute between Khonshu and the other Enneads turned out to be due to the Moon god meddling too much in human affairs, thus almost revealing the whereabouts of the Enneads. The gods who appeared in episode 3 even threatened to turn Khonshu to stone if he manipulated the sky again. Khonshu who has to help Marc is finally forced to return to manipulating the sky, before he is finally turned into a stone idol by Horus, Isis, Tefnut, Osiris, and Hathor who unite their powers.

New Egyptian Gods in Moon Knight
Just like Khonshu and Ammit, the gods who appear in Moon Knight episode 3 are actually real gods from ancient Egyptian mythology and have also been told in Marvel Comics. The difference is, if the comic version is depicted as gods who very rarely interfere in human affairs, in the MCU these gods have their own avatars scattered all over the world. Here are five new gods that debuted in the Moon Knight series :

Osiris: In the original Egyptian mythology, Osiris was the god of the afterlife who ruled the underworld and was often depicted as a symbol of death and resurrection. He is the father of Horus and the husband of Isis. In Marvel Comics, Osiris has a position and power that is more or less on par with Odin, who is also the leader of the Egyptian gods. In Moon Knight, his avatar is named Selim, played by actor Khalid Abdalla.

Horus: In the original Egyptian mythology, Horus was the god of war or the sky god who was often depicted as having the head of a falcon. He was the son of Isis and Osiris, and the husband of Hathor. In Marvel Comics, Horus has the same abilities as Thor. In Moon Knight, he is represented by an avatar played by actor Declan Hannigan.

Isis: In the original Egyptian mythology, Isis was the Goddess of Magic and Life who looked after children and women, and healed the sick. She was the wife and sister of Osiris, as well as the mother of Horus. In Marvel Comics, Isis can resurrect the dead and has a very important position among the gods. In Moon Knight, the avatar is played by actor Nagisa Morimoto.

Tefnut: In the original Egyptian mythology, Tefnut is the Goddess of Rain who is depicted as having the head of a lion with the body of a woman. She is the mother of Geb and Nut. In Marvel Comics, after the god Ra decides to go to the sun after transforming into the elder god Atum, Tefnut fills the void with his sister Shu. In Moon Knight , he has an avatar played by actor Hayley Konadu.

Hathor: In original Egyptian mythology, Hathor is the God of Fertility and Love who is described as having a female body, the head of a cow, and having wings. In the Marvel Universe, Hathor is a cousin of the Panther Bast god worshiped in Wakanda. In some stories, Hathor is often told to seduce Thor. In Moon Knight, Hathor seems to have a close relationship with Khonshu, his avatar named Yatzil played by actor Díana Bermudez.

So far, only two avatars have been named, Selim from the god Osiris and Yatzil from the god Hathor. It is likely that they will return in later episodes, and may even introduce another god. Because according to Steven’s narrative in episode 1, there are nine gods who are part of the Ennead. Apart from these five new gods, plus Khonshu and Ammit, only Anubis and Seth are yet to appear in the MCU. We’ll just have to look forward to the next episode of Moon Knight , which will air next Wednesday only on Disney+.