Get to know Quincy, the Last Enemy in Bleach!

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Fans for Tite Kubo ‘s series Bleach, as well as anime fans of course, are currently very excited about the emergence of the latest anime for the series. As geeks know, Bleach is one of the three big names in a very popular series besides Naruto and One Piece. The manga series itself actually finished in 2016.

Meanwhile, the anime version ran from 2004 to 2012. However, Tite Kubo had also made several “updates” by presenting various additional stories. One of the tangible proofs is how they adapted the Thousand-Year Blood War storyline. This is one of the most popular arcs or storylines in the series.

The adaptation of Thousand-Year Blood War in the anime version itself received a lot of positive responses among fans. They managed to exceed the expectations of the fans. However, of course, geeks who don’t follow the manga’s storyline may still feel foreign and surprised and confused, especially when the main villain, the Quincy, appears.

First introduced at the beginning of the series through the character of Uryu Ishida, the Quincy was never developed properly. However, what is surprising is that this clan of Hollow hunters returns as the main villains in the final saga, and they manage to shake the Shinigami in Soul Society.

The Quincy
There are major differences between Shinigami, Hollows, and Quincy. If Shinigami and Holow are souls who have reached different stages of evolution after death, then Quincy are humans who are able to use spiritual energy (Reishi). It is because of their spiritual power that the Quincy are able to see ghosts, including Hollows. This is the reason why then they hunt and try to destroy the Hollows.

Although Shinigami are able to “purify” Hollows, by making them return to pure souls to Soul Society, the Quincy actually think that Hollows should not be given a second chance. How the Quincy are able to destroy Hollows is considered a “soul balancer” in various worlds – Soul Society, the human world, as well as the Hollow World.

As a result of what Quincy has done so far, it is likely that there are more souls or souls that are and are trapped in the Human World than in Soul Society. This risks causing the destruction of the whole world, because life and death are in the same place. they have unique fighting abilities and ways of fighting.

They are able to absorb and manipulate existing spiritual energy and then combine it with their own. This creates a spiritual weapon that would normally be shaped like an arrow and arrow, named Heilig Bogen and Heilig Pfeil. This fighting style stems from the fact that they are still humans by nature. So, when they receive an attack they will still feel pain.

For this reason, Quincy prefers to attack his enemies from a great distance. In addition, they also have various other strengths. For example the ability to use magic spells, as well as a transformation called Vollständig , which is similar to Bankai for Shinigami.

Quincy and Shinigami Battle
Due to their habit of destroying Hollows, the Quincy are no longer rivals to the Shinigami. Now, they are sworn enemies. Thousands of years before the main storyline begins, the Shinigami decide to destroy all the Quincy in order to maintain the balance of existing souls. In addition, this is also to prevent a moment of destruction called the Collapse of the Worlds.

After an epic and bloody battle, the leader of the Quincy, Yhwach, lost and had to be imprisoned. A few survived the incident. They decided to stop hunting the Hollows. Uryu Ishida and his father, Ryuken, are believed to be the last Quincy to survive before the Thousand-Year Blood War arc began. Having lost the war with the Shinigami 1,000 years ago, the Quincy find refuge in Seireitei, which is in the center of Soul Society.

The Quincy chose this place because they thought it was the last place that Shinigami thought of when searching for their whereabouts. They also use spiritual energy to form a kind of shield to hide their existence, which is called the Wandenreich or “Kingdom of the Invisible.” They deliberately hid and waited 1,000 years for their king to return, and again started the war against the Shinigami.

Who is the Quincy Leader
The “Sealed King” of the Quincy and also the leader of the Wandenreich is none other than Yhwach, a figure who first appears in the first part of the Thousand-Year Bloow War story. Yhwach has the nickname “Father of the Quincy” because, he is the first figure in the entire Quincy lineage. His blood runs all over the Quincy members.

However, thousands of years later, the Quincy themselves began to separate or differentiate their members. Members who are Yhwach’s original or pure lineage fall into the Echt or “pure blood” category. Meanwhile, the other category is Gemischt or “mixed blood.” Uryu Ishida himself falls into the second category.

This was because his father, who was from the first category, refused to marry the woman his family prepared for him. Instead, he prefers to marry a Quincy woman from the second category. The prediction that appears in the anime’s premiere episode refers to the figure of Yhwach. After 1,000 years of confinement and imprisonment, Yhwach returns and Quincy declares war on Soul Society again.

The conclusion
The choice of Quincy as the last enemy in the series is something very unexpected. However, on the other hand, this is quite reasonable considering that in the previous arc the storyline focused more on Hollows and Shinigami. They are completely different enemies. Because, they represent the opposite of Shinigami. This is what then makes the conflict between the two parties very powerful. Geeks will see a lot of epic and incredible fighting moments appearing in the anime.