Get to know Nishi, a Ninja whose pose is said to be similar to Itachi’s in Boruto!


In the Boruto anime series , currently there is a lot of discussion about a character named Nishi who is a Konoha ninja.

Why is Nishi so much discussed? Let’s look at the following character info!

1. Nishi is a sensor ninja from Konoha
Who is Nishi? He is one of the Konoha ninja working under the Seventh Hokage , he is a sensor ninja.

Nishi’s mission is clearly his ability to detect chakra because he is a sensor ninja.

Nishi’s main task is to monitor Kawaki’s movements within the Konoha village with his sensory abilities.

2. However, he was shaken by Kawaki and his ability to remove his chakra from the sensor
Nishi’s only task is to monitor Kawaki and his position while in Konoha, but Kawaki is not careless.

He can use a new power in his body, which is to “eliminate” the presence of his chakra so that it cannot be detected, except for those with similar Otsutsuki powers like Boruto.

Because of that Kawaki uses this power to trick Nishi. He uses Bunshin at Naruto’s house then he goes to meet Code, so that what Nishi detects is only Kawaki’s shadow.

3. So it’s a meme if Nishi’s pose is similar to Itachi’s pose!
The thing that makes Nishi busy being discussed is because of his pose in the Boruto anime , which is standing on a power pole.

This is a similar and iconic pose that Itachi Uchiha did after he killed his family and saw the little Sasuke he would live with, with the moon behind him.

Nishi certainly didn’t finish off his family, he poses like this because he is monitoring the Uzumaki family’s residence where Kawaki is in it (but it’s been shaken).