Get to know Moon Knight’s younger brother who is a Supervillain!


Of the many superheroes who debuted in Marvel Comics in the 70s, you could say Moon Knight is a superhero whose name has recently become increasingly popular among fans. This can happen because at this time Disney and Marvel Studios are broadcasting their live action series on the Disney+ streaming channel. As part of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, currently the Moon Knight series itself has entered its fifth week of broadcast with a story that reveals Marc Spector’s dark past.

In one of the scenes, it is revealed that Marc had accidentally killed his sister, after taking her to a flooded cave. Although it is not stated in detail who the real identity of Marc’s brother is, it turns out that in Marvel Comics the full name of Marc’s younger brother is Randall Spector. The difference is, in Marvel Comics he is not told that he died since childhood, but grew up as a serial killer who later became a supervillain named Shadowknight. What is the story of Randall Spector in Marvel Comics like, let’s talk more about it, geeks!

Really Hate Her Brother
First appeared in the comic Hulk! (1979) by Doug Moench, Randall Spector’s childhood is told to have a very close relationship with his older brother, Marc Spector. However, as time goes by, Rand grows up as a teenager who is always jealous of his older brother. That’s why when they both grew up and became American soldiers, Rand purposely angered Marc by betraying him on a mission, which ultimately forced Marc to injure Rand by throwing a grenade at him in a fight.

Instead of repenting, after the incident Rand became even more crazy by becoming a serial killer. Several months later, when Marc was killed and revived by Khonshu as his avatar named Moon Knight, at the same time Rand also found Eat Pharaoh Seti. Inside the tomb, Rand finds an ancient Egyptian scroll which states that there are actually two Khonshu who must kill each other in order to become more perfect, which he translates to that he must kill Marc in order to become a Moon Knight.

Since then, Rand has started hunting for his older brother, starting from taking on the supervillain identity as Nepthys, then Hatchet-Man, to finally becoming a supervillain.A much more formidable and brutal Shadowknight. It was when he became a Shadowknight that he began to become a serious threat to Marc as a Moon Knight. Shadowknight did not hesitate to attack Moon Knight’s lover named Marlene who was pregnant at the time. And it was at this point that Moon Knight lost his temper by chasing after him and decapitating Shadowknight using the Sapphire Crescent weapon.

His determination makes it hard to die
While embarking on his journey as a serial killer, Rand decides to use a halloween mask as well as an ax when in action. And then after finding a new identity as a Shadowknight, only then did he develop a full costume that was difficult to penetrate, both by physical and magical weapons. Even though he has the body of an ordinary human, his determination has made it very difficult for Shadowknight to die. Before being killed using Sapphire Crescent, he had always managed to return to take revenge on the Moon Knights.

One of the secrets why he seemed to be living back is because magic ‘lunar treatment’ he got from the ancient Egyptian goddess named Nepthys. That is why, in addition to quickly recover from any wound, Shadowknight also known as the supervillain who have the strength and endurance super. With its variety of super powers of this, coupled with his expertise in close combat, Shadowknight almost always managed to compensate for Moon Knight who basically is the avatar of the Moon God Khonshu.

Because the appearance of Shadowknight in Marvel Comics is still not so many, it is not explained what exactly is Shadowknight’s weakness, even until he is shown to have died at the hands of his own brother, Moon Knight. Will this Marvel Comics story be adapted in the MCU as well? Most likely this will not happen in the MCU, because Marc’s sister has been told to die since they were both small. However, who knows huh, geeks. Don’t miss the last episode of the Moon Knight series which will air next Wednesday only on Disney+.