Get to know El Muerto, Spider-Man’s Enemy Made in the Movie!


In addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe run by Disney and Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures also has its own cinematic universe called Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Starting with Venom (2018), Sony is currently developing other solo films that will star characters related to Spider-Man, including Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web. Interestingly, Sony has also recently announced that they will be working on an El Muerto film . Here’s what you need to know about the Marvel characters for whom this solo film will be made.

Destined to Fight Spider-Man
The character whose real name is Juan Carlos Estrada Sánchez is a Marvel character created by Peter David and Roger Cruz through the comic Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 which was released in 2006. Coming from a family of wrestlers called El Muerto, Juan inevitably has to carry on the family legacy as a wrestler who wears the El Muerto mask to gain superpowers. Instead of complying with the request of his father, Marcus Estrada de la García, Juan had absolutely no interest in becoming a wrestler.

Even so, in the end Juan is still forced to follow the ‘worthiness’ ritual, where he must prove his toughness to El Dorado by fighting the supernatural wrestler. In the process, because Juan doesn’t want to be El Muerto and instead is reluctant to fight with El Dorado, he is almost killed in the fight, but Marcus chooses to sacrifice himself to keep his son alive. As a result of this incident, Juan finally wants to become El Muerto and is given ten years by El Dorado to unmask a ‘masked’ wrestler.

A decade later, El Muerto feels that the masked wrestler El Dorado is referring to is Spider-Man. Long story short, the two of them then actually fought in an official match. Just as El Muerto nearly manages to unmask Spider-Man, he is exposed to the poison from the web slinger which causes him to collapse and be sent to the hospital. When El Dorado arrives to punish El Muerto for failing to carry out his duties, Spider-Man arrives and helps El Muerto until they both manage to banish El Dorado once and for all.

Super Wrestler Almost No Weakness
Since childhood, El Muerto has been trained to wrestle very hard by Marcus. The skills forged since he was a child, eventually made El Muerto a proficient figure in close combat, where he would easily hit, slam, and even break his enemy’s body parts with ease. Thanks to his skills, even without superpowers, many felt that he would become the best professional wrestler in the world.

And when he wears the ‘magic’ mask inherited from his family, El Muerto then grows even stronger than before, where the mask gives him super strength and endurance. When he puts on his mask, El Muerto is shown to be able to lift 30 tons of weight with ease. In addition to strength and durability, the super-wrestler’s mask gives El Muerto a bit of added speed, as he is shown to be able to move slightly faster than normal humans.

Amazingly, behind these various strengths, El Muerto does not have a fatal weakness at all. So as long as he was conscious, El Muerto could fight whoever and whenever he wanted. That’s the discussion about the character of El Muerto who is certain to be part of SSU. In the film later, this super wrestler will be played by a rapper named Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio aka Bad Bunny. We’ll just have to wait and see what the next development of news about the El Muerto movie will be, geeks.